Moments of Weakness – February

As suspected, I haven’t been well behaved again this month. The fact it was my Birthday gave me a little too much of a sense of entitlement unfortunately, and as a result I’ve spent a fair bit more than I was intending, AGAIN. Still, I’m feeling pretty darn happy with my purchases so I can’t say I feel too bad. In fact, I’ve been thinking lately that it’s a little odd how I feel the need to apologise every time I send money on clothes and shoes. It’s almost though I’ve been conditioned to think I’m doing something wrong, when actually, it’s my money, I’m comfortably well off right now (and let’s face it, that’s almost always a temporary situation isn’t it!) with a healthy savings account so I don’t know why I’m supposed to feel bad about spending some of it on things that make me happy. I completely get that ‘disposable fashion’ is a thing to be avoided, but I’m not exactly someone who spends hundreds of the latest trends or fancy items I’m never going to get to wear, and I actually do wear all of the things in my closet – maybe not as often as I’d like, but there certainly aren’t any brand new things languishing in there for years at a time with the tags still on, so I really think it’s time I stopped pretending to feel guilty!

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been buying this month….

Firstly, I’ve had a bit of an ebay binge this month. Well, I think I could probably say I have a bit of an ebay binge most months, to be fair, but it isn’t often they come up trumps quite like this latest one! I’ve been on the hunt for both of these Oasis dresses for quite some time. Some of you might remember I featured them early in the Summer last year, and deemed them gorgeous but completely unsuitable for my body shape. Then of course I realised I was completely wrong when I bought the similarly shaped Sadie Wrap dress and found that it fit like a dream! As it transpires, rather than clinging awkwardly to my pear shaped bottom half, the draped style of the top actually balances me out rather neatly. So obvs I had to track down every variation I could get my hands on….

I also managed to acquire an accidental additional purchase. It was a happy side effect of endlessly typing ‘floral Oasis dress’ into eBay over and over, stumbling across this rather sweet little dress. I remembered seeing it in store and being impressed by the lovely stiff skirt and pretty beaded neckline, so when I saw it pop u for such a ridiculously low price I just had to have it!

Feb 18 Weakness 6.jpg

The next binge came courtesy of Primark. I haven’t been sending all that much in there lately, but with the changing of the season (LOLZ, doesn’t look like it’s changing much from Winter right now, but you get what I mean…) and all the holiday clothes coming out it’s proving very difficult to resist! I only went in to look for a gift for my Niece’s birthday, but £50 later I was the owner of 3 new blouses, a frock and a pair of shoes…. Whoops! Blouses are pretty much my transitional statement for work – whether worn loose over skinny jeans, tucked into a smart pair of trousers or even a pencil skirt, they are such an easy way to look smart for the office. The white bird print blouse was just so pretty and summery, and ever since buying my Ted Baker Sailly boots khaki is a colour I’ve been trying to acquire more of. Also – polka dots…..!

Feb 18 Weakness 1Feb 18 Weakness 2Feb 18 Weakness 3

I also couldn’t resist this sweet little tea dress (well, it’s a tea dress, you know?) Yellow isn’t a colour I own a huge amount of, but it always makes me feel cheery so I decided I needed to add a little more to my wardrobe to brighten things up a bit! Lastly, the only white flats I have are peep toe, which isn’t the most versatile in this lovely rainy country of ours. A lot of my Summer dresses look good paired with white though so I’ve been on the look out for some more for a while now, and these Valentino style studded ones were just the ticket!

Feb 18 Weakness 4Feb 18 Weakness 5

Having had a sneak peak at their holiday collection, something tells me this won’t be the last Primark binge I have before Summer hits…. Not gonna lie, I mentally spent most of my next pay packet yesterday while browsing the bikinis…! Tune in next month to see what makes the cut!



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