Outfit: Tea Dress & Boots (Surprise!)

It’s happened….. I’ve gone through so many variations of a tea dress and ankle boots that I’ve had to go back through the loop and wear all the tea dresses again with those boots I wear pretty much every day. There is literally not one item in this outfit that you haven’t seen before! Sorry. It was inevitable though really, wasn’t it!

These pics were taken on my way home from my Birthday weekend away in Liverpool, so in fairness I had limited footwear options. That’s the excuse I’m going with anyway. Having missed my Bonnie something chronic for the couple of nights I was away, I wanted to spend some quality time with her, so we took her out for a slap up lunch in a country pub and a long walk around some local lakes. I don’t know what it is about being near water, it makes me feel calm for some reason, and catching these lovely shots as the sun went down was a bit of a treat.

Tea DressGarlic BreadBonnie BootsLakes 1Lakes 3Lakes 2Lakes 4

I promise I’ll up my game and get you some more interesting outfit posts soon!



In this post: Tea Dress, Primark, last seen here – Nine West ‘Snowfall’ Boots, last seen here – Cardigan, Primark, last seen here – Coat, Oasis, last seen here

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