Reasons to be Cheerful – THE TUB IS IN!!!

Hot Tub 2Hot Tub 1


I have a hot tub! I’s official! There is a hot tub in my garden, and it’s MINE!!

Dan finished the work on the base last week so they came by on Friday to fit it, and 12 hours and 1500l of water later (not looking forward to the next water bill…!) it was ready to go!

This is just a quick post to show off update you, as by the time we got in to give it it’s maiden voyage it was pretty dark so we don’t have many photos. Plus, we have a lot of tidying up to do before it actually looks pretty! Needless to say though, I’m freakin’ over the moon! The whole time we were looking into buying one I think in the back of my head I assumed we wouldn’t go through with it, because it felt like such an extravagant purchase, but we did! It’s here, and I can get in it any time I want! It felt a little surreal sat looking at our house while sipping Prosecco, being massaged by the jets – in fact, at one point the neighbour came out to get her dog in and we kind of froze as though we weren’t supposed to be there! Surreal, but AWESOME, and now I’m kinda gutted I’m going to be away in Birmingham for a couple of weeks and won’t be able to use it!

Still, it will be getting plenty of use once I’m back – I can already imagine how much easier it will be to get through a difficult day at work knowing that in a few hours time I’ll be slipping into the tub with a G&T! I already have a girls night planned when I’m back, and something tells me we may soon become the favourite house to have BBQs at!

I honestly can’t believe how lucky we are!

Hot Tub 3



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