Outfit: Dressing Up A Jumper

Dressed Up Jumper 1

For a long time now I’ve convinced myself that it isn’t possible for me to look smart while wearing a jumper. Not that it isn’t possible for anyone, you understand, specifically me. Jumpers have long been lumped into that dreaded category of ‘casual-wear’ which I’ve deemed eternally unflattering when worn on my frame, so are items I’ve owned purely for necessity and not at all because I enjoy wearing them (outside the house at least…)

Much like my discovery last year that actually I CAN do casual, and that actually there isn’t some magic formula for doing so and looking good (because, let’s face it, it was all completely in my head), I have learned this week that the secret to feeling smarter in a jumper is equally effortless – you just need to own The Best Ankle Boots In The World. Simples.

As it transpires, I actually do own The Best Ankle Boots In The World – how’s that for a stroke of good luck?! I was over the moon to become the proud owner of a pair of Ted Baker Sailly boots in January, and they appear to have solved all of my ‘feeling drab while in knitwear’ woes, just like that. The moment these babies are on my feet whatever I’m wearing is mystically transformed into the height of sophistication when I look in the mirror! To be fair, it’s a shame that it took a fancy pair of boots this to make me really appreciate this jumper because as knitwear goes it’s pretty lovely really.

Dressed Up Jumper 5Dressed Up Jumper 7Dressed Up Jumper 4Dressed Up Jumper 2Dressed Up Jumper 9Dressed Up Jumper 10Dressed Up Jumper 8Dressed Up Jumper 6Dressed Up Jumper 11Dressed Up Jumper 3

Still, those boots though….. I think this might be justification to buy the other two colours? It’s just common sense….



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10 thoughts on “Outfit: Dressing Up A Jumper

    1. Thanks! Yes, I didn’t really own much in that colour until I got the boots – now it’s all I buy so I can wear them as often as possible! x


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