Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Floria Dress

My Fantasy Friday posts have been heavily Spring themed lately, with all the florals and blossoms and pastels I’ve been sharing. It’s not surprising really, with this feeling like one of the longest Winters I can remember, that I would be yearning for things a little more colourful and pretty with the dull grey backdrop I’ve gotten used to looking at. I make no apologies either – romantic, floaty frocks in pretty prints and shades of pink and purple are always going to have an allure for me. Still, it’s nice to change it up every now and then, isn’t it? So I’ve gone with something completely different this week in the beautiful Floria dress by Kate Spade:

Kate Spade Floria 1
Floria Dress, Kate Spade, £840

Okay, busted. It isn’t completely different. It’s floaty, romantic and floral still. But while it’s uber-feminine, I love that the black background gives it an edgier feel. There is something slightly gothic about it, and I love the 70’s vibe that the sheer sleeves and ussy bow neck tie are giving off! It’s darker palette mean it’s the perfect transitional dress – light and cool enough to wear with heels on a warm Spring evening, yet perfect with boots and a leather jacket while the weather refuses to warm up! In fact, given it’s versatile qualities I can’t really think of a reason not to buy it!

Oh wait – I just remembered I’m not rich. Dammit!



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5 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Floria Dress

  1. I was really loving this dress until I seen the price tag Steph! I too love how feminine it is , I have a maxi in black with similar print to this one but I paid $10 in sale. Thanks for sharing, hugs, Terri xo.

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