March Lust Haves

Is it just me, or is the High Street SMASHING it right now?? Maybe it’s just because my senses have been starved of all things light and colourful over the last couple of months, but my insatiable shopping urges are out of control right now, and it really isn’t helping that my favourite stores just keep on producing things that suit my tastes to a T!

Take this Primark dress for example:

Lust Haves March 18 1.jpg
Wrap Dress, Primark, £10 (in store only)

It doesn’t take much to make me want a tea dress. It just has to be, well, vaguely tea dress shaped basically, but a gorgeous floral print is definitely going help and I’m mad about this one. It’s green! Do you remember what green looks like? Because I feel like I can’t, so this brightly coloured beauty is like a breath of fresh air in a very stale, snowy, grey room, and it’s awakened me! Also, it is wrap style and ruffled to boot, so WANT IT!

This ridiculously Steph appropriate skirt from Joanie Clothing is also very Spring-like:

Lust Haves March 18 5
Haley Skirt, Joanie Clothing, £28

Floaty midi skirts and dresses become one of my favourite things to wear when the weather warms up. There is something so effortless about them, and they are the perfect way of keeping cool with a little extra coverage. The ditsy floral print on this one is just lovely, and the button through detail just gives it an extra edge for some reason (don’t ask why – I have no idea, it just does, a bit like pockets do!) Top marks, Joanie!

Next up, these delightful wedges from New Look:

Lust Haves March 18 4
Suedette Wedges, New Look, £25.99

As the days tick closer to Summer and holidays my mind starts turning to wedges – hands down the best way to feel dressed up without wearing impractical heels in the daytime! I already have 6 pairs of day appropriate wedges so I really don’t need any more, but I have been hankering after a nude pair for a while just to give me a little more variety, and these are basically the perfect candidates. Not too high – tick. Ankle straps – tick. The only thing working against them is that they are suede, which means they won’t fare too well if they get caught in one of our well documented April showers, but that so far isn’t putting me off.

Now, when I talked about the High Street smashing it earlier, I may as well have been talking about H&M specifically, because the next three pieces all come from there, and honestly, I could have featured several more. I only wrote a post dedicated to their gorgeous collection of pleated skirts a couple of weeks ago, and now every time I visit I spot something else I desperately want.

Like this gorgeous lace dress:

Lust Haves March 18 2
Lace Dress, H&M, £59.99

I’m pretty unlikely to buy this frock, because it is quite dressy and I have far too many dresses like this that don’t get worn enough already. It’s not hard to see why I’m tempted though, is it? The beautifully intricate lace design, the beautiful lilac hue – it’s a stunning dress, no doubt about that. If only I had a Summer Wedding to attend I would be hovering over the add to basket button as we speak!

This one is a little more realistic, however:

Lust Haves March 18 3
Crepe Wrap Dress, H&M, £19.99

If you’ve been reading since last Summer, you’ll know this is a style I became well and truly addicted to last year, and it doesn’t look as though the trend, or my passion for it, is going anywhere soon – great news for me, not so much for my savings and wardrobe space… This one is polka dotted, so already at the top of the list this month, and also comes in black, but the bright red shade is what won my heart. It’s a super flattering style and at the bargain price of £19.99 I’m finding it hard to believe this won’t end up mine one way or another…

Finally, these adorable little sandals:

Lust Haves March 18 6
Sandals, H&M, £22.99

How well would they go with that dress? It’s like I’m supposed to buy them!! I actually already have a pair of red two part sandals, but mine don’t have these sweet little bows on them, so I’m starting to feel like they’re inadequate and might need an upgrade! I can’t help but notice how similar in style these are to the Alexandre Birman sandals I recently featured here and here, and while they might not quite hold a candle to the original, they are a much more affordable alternative! They also come in black and pink, which are both testing my willpower equally right now….

I WILL be strong and resist! What has been catching your eye this month?



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