Saturday Shopping – Homeware @ Oasis

I’ve many a time declared Oasis ‘King’ when it comes to floral. To me they are just unrivalled when it comes to creating pretty prints that appeal to my feminine and vintage tastes. In the last few years they have released collection upon collection of stunning pieces that never fail to get me all hot and bothered, which is largely why the dress section of my wardrobe is full to bursting… It’s all Oasis’ fault. I have told myself time and time again that I can’t possibly need any more, and then BOOM! I am stopped in my tracks by another flowery number in the store window on my way out to buy lunch, and it’s love at first sight, AGAIN!

Still – I wasn’t wrong. I really don’t need anymore (wanting and needing are of course two very different things…) and even Oasis have to accept that a day will come when I simply cannot justify buying yet another blossom covered tea dress from their ever so tempting collections, even though my heart is telling me I want it more than life. It’s just Physics – at some point I will genuinely run out of space! So it seems that in preparation for this very sad day, they have expanded (yes, I like to pretend that major Brands like Oasis act purely with me in mind. It makes me feel special, so just humour me, ok??)

I popped over to the website today for some inspiration for another post – all in the name of research, of course, and not at all because I was planning on buying anything – and made a startling discovery:


Yes, in the event that I decide enough is enough on the dresses front, there is now a range of bedding and soft furnishings for me to lust after, all, of course, in their signature vintage style floral prints. Life may never be the same again…

Now, I did promise Dan I would try my best not to make our house look like an 80 year old Grandma lives there, but honestly, how am I supposed to resist buying ALL of these??

Retain and expand please, Oasis!



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