Bronze Beauty

Bronze Beauty 3

As you know, I know nothing when it comes to beauty. You would think, that since I started experimenting in my pre-teens and many, many years have passed since then, I might have picked up a trick or two on the way. Yet no. My approach to beauty techniques is largely to slap it on my face and hope for the best.

As a result, it isn’t often I try anything outside my normal routine, which is usually BB cream, blush and mascara in the daytime, and maybe a slick of lippie and eyeliner on a night out! Every now and then, though, I get a bit excited and try to do something a bit different. Not revolutionary, you understand, just different to my normal routine. And I always love it, and swear I’m going to do it more often, and then I go back to my old routine almost immediately. What can I say, there is only so much you can do with your make-up when applying it in the car at dawn on the way to work…!

My branching out in this particular look was most likely more to do with the fact I was on holiday than anything else – I had waaaaay more time on an evening to leisurely apply eyeshadow and ‘blend’ and all that other stuff that normally seems like too much faff. I also had a tan, which let’s face it, makes the world of difference! Truth be told, if I tried this look on my Winter-weathered, milk bottle skin right now I’d probably look like I was auditioning for The Only Way Is Essex, but at the time it seemed to work, so after coming across these pics while reminiscing about our last holiday (was it really more than 6 months ago?? It feels like at least 10 years…) I thought I’d share it just to prove that every now and then I do try to be a bit more creative!

Bronze Beauty 1Bronze Beauty 5Bronze Beauty 2

Face: L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream, MAC Casual Colour Blush in Weekend Getaway, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Quad in Sunset Pink (no longer available, but Rose is similar)

Eyes: Clinique All About Shadow Quad in Teddy Bear, L’Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara in Red Carpet Black

Lips: Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy in Supermodel Smile

Gosh it’s making me yearn for tanned skin again! Not enough to actually put on fake tan, mind, because, you know, effort. But still…



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