Outfit: Flirty In My Thirties

Flirty 4

In my last outfit post I talked about how I don’t like being told what I should and shouldn’t wear. This aversion can come in many forms – being told I shouldn’t wear blue and green together, for example. Or being teased because the print of my frock looks like ‘Grandma’s curtains’ – I couldn’t give a toss what is ‘in style right now’ thanks, and my Nana was a super stylish so I choose to take that as a compliment! Most of all though, I despise me, or anyone else for that matter, being told I can’t wear something because I’m ‘too old’. I actually don’t get told this too often to be honest, because while I’ve never been blessed with naturally voluminous hair or a bottom half that matches the proportions of my top half, I have been blessed with a relatively youthful face, so a lot of people are often surprised to find I’m in my mid-thirties. I do hear people talk though on a regular basis about women ‘dressing too young’ and this drives me nuts.

One of the things that seems to be considered controversial most often is the length of a lady’s hemline, which inexplicably is expected to change the moment she crosses from one age bracket to another. I’ve written about this topic before so I won’t bore you with it all over again, but essentially, this skirt is exactly the kind of thing that back when I wrote my previous post I was talking about – the kind of skirt that I would have once upon a time written off as ‘not age appropriate’, and I’m so bloody glad I stopped doing that, because, gosh darn it, isn’t it just lovely??

This skirt is not just fairly short. It is fairly short, floral printed and kinda frilly. It has a delightful little kick flare that gives it those ‘twirly’ qualities you normally only see in a longer, circle style skirt, and basically has a very girlish, dare I say flirty, kind of feel. I was one of my recent Joanie Clothing bargain sale buys, and it’s had a bit of an effect on me. While it’s been a while now since I got over that stupid ‘not wearing mini skirts after 30’ thing, most of the short skirts I do have tend to fall into the 60’s style A-line variety. This one is definitely a little different to my usual style, but it’s just so fun I can’t stop smiling when I wear it. It makes me feel kind of giddy, like I want to spin around and around in circles like a hyperactive 6 year old! And honestly, who doesn’t want to feel that kind of happy again, whatever age you are??

Flirty 7Flirty 12Flirty 5Flirty 10Flirty 2Flirty 8Flirty 11Flirty 6Flirty 9Flirty 3Flirty 1

On a completely separate note, remember what I said about always wanting the opposite hair to the hair I currently have on my head? Well, this is the last post featuring my old hair, and while I’ve still been loving the new ‘do right up until now this second, looking at these pics has just made me feel weirdly nostalgic about having long locks. I literally NEVER liked my hair in a ponytail when it was long, and yet suddenly I feel like life won’t be complete again until I’ve grown it back and can wear it like this again. IT’S HAPPENING ALREADY!! WHY??



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