Fantasy Friday – Collectif X ModCloth Nina Dress

Oh Nina. Aren’t you just the sweetest?? With your yards of delicate mesh and pretty pink embroidered petals, you might just be the most authentic looking vintage repro dress I’ve seen in ages. I can see Sandra Dee skipping about in you as clear as day in my mind, except it isn’t actually Sandra Dee, it’s me, and I also drive a pink Cadillac and hang around in diners sipping milkshakes!

Modcloth Collectif Nina
Nina Swing Dress, Collectif X ModCloth, £128

In all seriousness, while I might not really want to be transported to the 1950s (hey, I like the dresses, but I also like the fact that I have a choices in life…!) I do really wish I had the kind of lifestyle where this dress would be appropriate. What lifestyle that is, I’m not sure. Sipping iced tea on the lawn? Flirting with my beau over a banana split? Jiving with my girls at the Friday night dance? DAMMIT, I’m back in the 50’s again! Truth is, it isn’t a dress that’s appropriate for dog walking and Ikea trips, which is largely what life consists of for me right now, so it isn’t destined to be mine, but I can confirm that fantasy me thinks it’s just dreamy!

I had high hopes for ModCloth’s collaboration with Collectif – many a time have I perused ModCloth’s ranges, all the while cursing my parents for not having the foresight to give birth to me in America (so selfish…) so when I heard they were pairing up with one of my favourite vintage style Brands I was very excited, and if Nina is anything to go by, for good reason! Now I just need them to release something a bit less special so I can justify buying it. Or build a time machine, one of the two…

You can see more of the range here, please just don’t tell me if you buy Nina, because I will cry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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3 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Collectif X ModCloth Nina Dress

    1. Ha, I probably could really! I do actually try not to save things for ‘best’, but sometimes it helps my bank account if I tell myself it’s too special, otherwise I’d just buy EVERYTHING!! 😂

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