Saturday Shopping – Rainy Day Essentials @ Joules

As I write this post, they are predicting a bit of a mini heatwave this week. I say heatwave – there may or may not be a 2 at the beginning of the temperature, but that sure feels like a heatwave compared to the endless Winter we’ve had in lace of Spring this year! Needless to say, this excites me greatly…

Up until this point though, April has largely lived up to the stereotype – full of showers. Sorry, did I say showers? I meant dirty great torrential downpours. That more aptly describes it. And when we haven’t been mid-downpour, we’ve been caught in that hazy mist of drizzle that makes you mistakenly think you don’t need a brolly, but leaves you soaked to the bone before you’ve made it to work.And don’t even get me started on drizzle hair…!

Anyhow, while we may well have had a welcome respite from the rain by the time you come to read this, I’ve no doubt those rainy days are nowhere near behind us just yet! And that is most problematic when you’re just getting excited about getting the peep toes out again…! So what’s a stylish girl to do? Well, luckily, Joules is on hand to kit you out with what is possibly the most darling rain wear you could possibly need! With possible the most extensive range of weatherproof garments that ever existed, they have more sweet and whimsical prints on offer than you could shake a soggy brolly at. EVEN DOGGIES!! Rain no longer needs to be dreary when this little lot exist:

I am already the proud owner of a pair of their dog print wellies, so don’t really have a plausible reason to buy any more. A raincoat though, I could definitely do with a super cute raincoat….!

You can find all these and much, much more here.



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