Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Sandalc Shoes

There is little more appealing to me than a beautiful, oversized bow. I don’t really know what it is, but something about that darling adornment just lights up my soul. There is something sweet and girlish about them, and yet the right bow has the power to also be incredibly stylish and classic at the same time. you can pretty much guarantee that if you slap a giant bow on something, you are going to grab my attention. I might not necessarily want to wear it, but I will most definitely stop and look at it, and possibly even ponder whether or not buying a garment as wall art is sensible or crazy before putting it down and backing away slowly….

There is no question though about whether or not I want to wear these….:

Ted Baker Sandalc 1Ted Baker Sandalc 2

‘Sandalc’ Sandals, Ted Baker, £140

I’m not a huge fan of feet, so this barely there style of sandal isn’t something I often go for, but I could easily get over that for these beauties. Everything about them, from that soft, dusky pink shade to the sweet little jewelled detail on the strap, is just gorgeous. And of course there is that bow. That big, art deco bow, balanced so beautifully on the heel like a delicate butterfly. Just stunning.

I WILL resist these, because my fancy shoes really don’t get to go out so much these days, and it would be an absolute crime to buy shoes as beautiful as this and leave them sat on a shelf, but these are going to haunt my dreams for a little while now I think.

They also come in a black satin and a cobalt blue suede which are equally temting! Go check them out – if you dare!



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