Outfit: Fancy Florals

Embroidered 4

I’m always getting told I’m overdressed. Well, technically not – no-one tends to say those exact words to your face. They tend to say something a little more subtle, like, ‘Ooh, you look nice, where are you off to??’ when you have clearly just arrived for a day in the office. Or, ‘I love your dress! It’s so….. fancy!’ I don’t take offense. Most of the time I’m pretty certain it wasn’t meant maliciously and even if it was, what’s wrong with looking fancy I ask you?? It can have a tendency to make you feel a little awkward in your own skin, and as a result I tend to over think what I’m wearing sometimes. It most often happens when I’m planning an activity where I want to look nice but I know the occasion will be pretty casual, ad then I get myself in a right tizz wondering if my heels are too high or my skirt has a bit too much ‘pouff’.

Sometimes though, you just have to rise above it and wear what you damn well please, and that is exactly what happened here. I knew the restaurant we were going to for dinner in Edinburgh was not really a ‘fancy dress and red lips’ kind of a restaurant, but the fact is, I was on holiday and I wanted to dress up. So I did! And guess what? No-one paid the blindest bit of notice which just makes me realise I really shouldn’t care so much that someone might raise an eyebrow at my sequins on a weekday or my peep toes on a Saturday afternoon stroll. Clothes make me happy, and that is all that really matters.

It also meant I got the chance to wear this dress, of course, so you can’t really argue with that! I’ve had it for a while now but hadn’t really had an occasion to wear one, so I decided to just take it anyway regardless of how ‘fancy’ I might look. I’m absolutely in love with the bright colours of the embroidery and can think of a million other ways to wear it already! Most of them are a bit ‘fancy’, of course, but there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all – SO THERE!!

Embroidered 12Embroidered 3Embroidered 5Embroidered 10Embroidered 7Embroidered 8Embroidered 2Embroidered 9Embroidered 6Embroidered 1Embroidered 11



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22 thoughts on “Outfit: Fancy Florals

  1. That happens to me all of the time and I never know what to say! I find I am more productive at work when I am actually dressed for work, as opposed to when I’m in casual clothing. I wish that dressing up, rather than dressing down, would gain speed in society- everything is moving towards ultra casual 😑

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    1. Me too! I can’t remember the last time I was going on a night out and asked what everyone was wearing and got a response other than ‘jeans and a top’! I normally stick a dress on anyway, but I can’t help feeling a little self conscious when I’m the only one in the room! x


  2. Gorgeous dress! You overdress your heart out! I do it all the time and get the same response! But I’ll never stop because I love my clothes and shoes so much!!

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  3. I agree! I can relate a lot to being “overdressed” as I like to be dressy myself. Many of my own dresses are ones people only wear to fancy occasions or some formal job. I like it though, and I think many people do like to see people with more fashion than the usual T shirt and jeans look. I certainly like to see others dressed up more 🙂 You look really pretty, and the leather jacket makes it more casual looking.

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