Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Barnie Flats

Flat shoes. Not something I feature all that often on Fantasy Friday. They aren’t really something I feature that often on this blog full stop, come to think of it. Shoes? Hells yes. Flat shoes? No.

It isn’t that I don’t like them, of course. It’s just that for a long time they were simply functional to me. I have been an avid heel wearer since my teens and honestly, while I’m not stupid enough togo to the gym or try and walk the dog in them, a gorgeous pair of heels has just always had the power to grab my attention in a way that flats never could.

Lately though, that has been changing. When I embarked on The Great M&S Shoe Binge of 2018 in January, 50% of those purchases were spangly flats. When I shopped for my holiday footwear this year, it wasn’t a shiny new pair of wedges I bought, but a couple of new pairs of flat sandals. In fact, this year so far the number of flats I’ve bought outnumbers heels 2 to 1! Yes, it seems the older I get, the more I appreciate the comfort and ease of flat shoes over stilettos (and with that, I just made myself sound about 75…) Oh don’t panic, I’m not ready to hang up the skyscrapers just yet – but whereas before, when I’d have been happy with just a trusty pair of Primark ballet flats in my handbag for emergencies, these days I am opting for flats over heels far more often than just on the commute, and when I do, you can be damn sure I want them to be just as stunning!

These most definitely fit the bill:

Barnie 1Barnie 2

Barnie Flats, £245, Kate Spade

These Barnie flats by Kate Spade are so intricate and so pretty that they could never be thought of as boring, not for a second. From the delicate embroidered blossoms to the stylish pointed toe, these stunners are sure to make you feel dressed up even in a simple pair of jeans and a tee – and let’s face it, with these on your feet there is a good change no-one would notice the rest of your outfit, even if you were wearing a ball gown! I genuinely cannot decide whether I like the gold or the black version best, though I feel like I wouldn’t find it too hard to find occasions for both (erm, if I sold my house and lived under my desk at work, anyway. I obviously couldn’t justify both on my current budget, just in case you thought I’d secretly won the lottery or something!)

Sadly for me, I just can’t seem to get on with slingbacks, which have a horrible habit of slipping off my foot every 5 seconds, otherwise I’d have declared these absolutely vital for my future happiness….

Are you a fan of flats, or high heels all the way?



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