Outfit: All Hail the Midi Dress

Midi 5

Whilst I’ve always been a little fickle and excitable when it comes to fashion, frequently changing my style depending on my mood at the time, in some ways I definitely stick to what I know. As much as I love window shopping and poring over glossy style blogs to get inspiration, I’m not what you could call a follower of fashion. I most definitely know what I like, and I shop for me rather than buying into to every new trend. This does mean I’m a pretty savvy shopper, which can be a huge help when there is a tantalising sale going on…! But the downside is that once I find that perfect item, the fickle side of me decides I must consume it in every print and colour conceivable, which isn’t quite so good for the old bank balance!!

I’m demonstrating this curse perfectly by showing you for the second time this week my latest such obsession – the long sleeved midi dress! Up until a couple of months ago I had absolutely no idea how much I needed one, but once I realised just how versatile they were during our slightly chillier than average Spring there was no looking back, and this one was picked up not very long at all after the last one! Now, it might be a slight problem that I feel the need to buy 70 of everything just to be sure I never get bored, but I’m not completely stupid – I do like to at least try to be sure I apply some common sense to my purchases to make sure I don’t end up with a wardrobe full of identical items (I DO! I swear! Today I put back a baby blue polka dotted wrap dress in Primark because I already have a couple of similar pieces, and you have no idea how much that hurt me!) Which is why this one struck me as the perfect addition to my new mini-collection! In contrast to the dark background and bright floral print of my New Look beauty, this Primark shirt style midi sports a lovely subtle, light, watercolour pattern that is just perfect for Spring and I love it with equal measure. I particularly love the unusual combination of colours in those florals, so while I’ve gone with the same ankle boots combo here, I’m looking forward to trying it out with something a little more Summery now the sun has decided to show it’s face – baby blue perhaps, or sage green?

Midi 12Midi 9Midi 10Midi 11Midi 3Midi 8Midi 7Midi 6Midi 4Midi 1Midi 2

So you see, there is method to my madness!




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16 thoughts on “Outfit: All Hail the Midi Dress

  1. Hi Steph, I hope it wasnt too hard returning the baby blue polka dot dress! I hope you told the store to take good care of her! You cant beat midi dresses I think, and the shirtdress looks beautiful on you and you accessorised it so nice. Have a lovely weekend Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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