Moments of Weakness – May

May – it’s been pretty darn beautiful, I have to say. And thankfully, my luck with the weather, overcoming travel disruptions and generally getting far more than usual time of work extended to shopping too, because I’ve been absolutely over the moon with my purchases this month! So both the weather gods and the shopping gods are looking down on me right now – and how often does that happen??

My first bit of luck was courtesy of a trip to New Look. Well, that isn’t technically true. The first few trips weren’t lucky at all. See, I was trying to track down this darling little button through midi dress that I’d fallen hopelessly in love with, but it seems the rest of the country had too because no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t seem to find one in my size. Then one day, after another little stop by the website ‘just to check’, I thought my eyes were deceiving me! Because there it was in all it’s sweet, floral glory, size 10 and in stock! Obviously I wasted no time adding it to my basket, and while I was there I also added a couple of pairs of flat sandals – I’d been planning on picking up some more for my holiday and they happened to have a promotion on which was another piece of luck – and this rather cute little mint green pair of tassel earrings as a little treat. I was feeling pretty happy all week, waiting for my dispatch notice to come through, but when it did – DISASTER! ‘Unfortunately we cannot send one or more of your items as they are out of stock‘. Guess which one or more item it was?? The dress, of course. Crestfallen is probably the most appropriate word I can think of to describe how I felt right then. Finally my luck came in though. I popped into a smaller, local branch in Loughborough to see if they had any there and finally I spotted it, right by the door in fact, when I was about to leave empty handed! I’d just been to the gym, was sweaty beyond belief and looking a right mess with a towel slung over my shoulder, but I felt a million dollars strutting out of that store with that dress in my bag!

May 18 Weakness 5May 18 Weakness 4May 18 Weakness 3

The next bit of luck came in the form of a long forgotten Amazon gift card! I know! How on earth did I forget I had £20 to send on anything I bloody wanted?? It’s a mystery, for sure. Still, I’ve been wanting to get one of these Hell Bunny Bardot tops for a while, so I celebrated by getting two of them. It was tough to decide which colour, but I went with black and white and red and white stripes as they should go with most of my circle skirts. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet but I already know they’ll be the perfect addition to my more retro pieces.

May 18 Weakness 1May 18 Weakness 2

They say third time lucky, and that definitely seems to be the case this month as my third shopping trip also came up trumps! This time it was a visit to Primark. I was desperate to get hold of that periwinkle blue polka dot wrap dress that everyone who is anyone seems to have managed to bag apart from me. As expected, it was nowhere to be seen, but I did stumble across this rather sweet little blue and yellow version instead which I decided was just as lovely. As I prepared to head to the checkout I also stumbled across something unexpected – yes, the green floral version I’d been after a couple of months earlier! Never look a gift horse in the mouth, I always say, so I grabbed it, along with another air of tassel earrings as I just can’t seem to stop accumulating those recently…!

May 18 Weakness 6May 18 Weakness 7

I did actually come across the original polka dot dress last week, but decided to be a grown up and put it back since I got so many other lovely treats this month. I’m gonna call that progress!

What have you been buying? Show me your wares!



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7 thoughts on “Moments of Weakness – May

  1. I love the ear rings! I recently got myself a pair like that, but it was actually due to a football match and it’s in the colors of the Belgian flag (black yellow red).
    So I can’t really wear it to work haha. But I need one like those in a more normal color.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They sound really fun! I think most of mine are a bit ‘big’ for work too, but they are a nice way to add a bit of colour to an outfit! x


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