Reasons to be Cheerful – Growing Up!

Guys, this week marks something official, and very exciting. This week I actually became an adult. It’s not because of my age. It’s not because of my seniority at work or my financial situation – both of which, by the way, blow my mind, I have literally no idea why anyone in their right mind would consider me sensible enough to be in charge of anything, especially not a bank account or credit card! Lots of people feel like their transition into adulthood comes at a very specific point. Maybe when they first buy a house or a car or have a child (none of which I’ve achieved just yet) for example. But for me the milestone was marked in a very different way.

I went shopping for a kitchen.

I don’t know why it is that this seemingly mundane activity strikes me as such a grown up thing to do, but it does somehow! Having spent years and years either renting or living in someone else’s home, I’ve so far gone through life managing to avoid having conversations about planning permission and building quotes and eye watering amounts of money that don’t quite seem real. I’ve never considered what kind of a sink I would want or where I’d place the cupboards or had the foresight to discuss such future dated things as whether or not it is safe for kids to run about in or whether the taps will be child friendly! Basically it’s not something I’ve had a choice about before, so it’s a strange feeling, all that promise yet all that responsibility (also: all that MONEY!!) Strange, but wonderful. We are building a home and planning our future Christmases, Sunday roasts and after school dinners. We are picturing what it will be like to host our family here and cook together and maybe one day wash what seems like a ridiculous amount of baby clothes for just one week in the washing machine we haven’t yet decided on. I keep imagining all the food we will have in our big American style fridge and what cakes I’ll bake at the weekends. It feels incredibly comforting to be able to have those thoughts now, and so very, very exciting. Though I am kind of waiting for someone to clock that I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to worktops and tiles and pipework and ask me to politely but out of proceedings and let a real grown up (i.e Dan!) take over!

Of course, for now it all means that we have to live with half our kitchen in the living room which is kinda annoying, but you know, small sacrifices and all that (how long do you give it before I am complaining constantly about this? A week or so? Yeah, me too!)

Kitchen 1



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2 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Growing Up!

    1. This is exactly how I feel, every time I walk out of any sort of formal meeting or appointment I think ‘seriously, isn’t someone going to try and stop me…? Don’t they know who I am?? Once on the train a woman said to her small child, ‘Be careful, mind that lady!’ and I 100% thought she was talking about someone else!


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