Outfit: Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow 3

Oops, I did it again. I seem to have managed to go completely MIA again this week. For once in my life I actually have bags and bags of content waiting to be written up and edited, but once again life got in the way this week and I failed miserably to get anything posted. Still, these things do happen I guess, and it is just a blog after all, but I hate that I’ve let things slide for a second week on the trot. I genuinely love my little corner of the Internet, and as much as I know that sometimes you have to let grown up things like jobs and house renovations and driving lessons take priority, I can’t help but feel narked when I see those visitor numbers dip. This blog has always felt like a constant for me, something stable even when everything around me is going nuts, so it makes me sad to see it suffer. I hereby promise to try harder this week to get back on track! Anyway, on to the post….

If there is one thing Primark really excels at, it has to be sweet little printed dresses. My love of a good tea dress is well documented on this blog, and Primark have probably featured in an awful lot of my posts about them (see here, here and here to name but a few!) I cannot remember a year where there hasn’t been at least one that I’ve spent a great deal of time desperately trying to track down after it selling out almost immediately. This year though, to be frank, they’ve taken the piss. I mean, every time I’ve walked past the store front this Spring there has been YET ANOTHER adorable little printed dress on display that I hadn’t seen before, and to be honest, it’s making a walk down the high street become a little risky…!

I’ve managed to remain fairly restrained so far. I’ve bought a couple of them, of course (hey, I’m only human!!) and am finding myself wearing them pretty much all the time, so no regrets – the two ruffled wrap dresses I picked up last month in particular have found themselves on my bod for about three weekends on the trot now, and I’m seeing no signs that I’m going to get bored of them any time soon. This one is a little different to the rest though, and for that reason alone I think I’m going to have to declare it my favourite (shhhhh don’t tell the others…)

Most of my Primark dresses are of a similar style – very much ‘tea dress’ style, and normally a little on the short side, meaning I wear them far more in the Winter than when the warmer weather kicks in. This one though, is a much looser cut, giving it a very casual, care free, effortless feel to it that make it very hard to deny this is very much a Summer dress and the kind of thing I want to wear over and over again when the sun comes out and life gets a little brighter. Pair that with the lovely buttery yellow colour and those sweet periwinkle blue flowers and you’ve pretty much got yourself the most cheerful dress ever created, and as much as it’s a little bit of a departure from my usual Summer uniform of a floaty midi or a retro circle skirt, I can’t help but smile whenever I put it on.

Sunshine Yellow 5Sunshine Yellow 9Sunshine Yellow 7Sunshine Yellow 4Sunshine Yellow 10Sunshine Yellow 1Sunshine Yellow 6Sunshine Yellow 11Sunshine Yellow 8Sunshine Yellow 12Sunshine Yellow 2

Luckily for me the weather gods have been smiling on us so far this year, so fingers crossed I’ll get plenty more opportunities to wear it before I’m back in my tea dresses and tights!



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25 thoughts on “Outfit: Sunshine Yellow

  1. I’ve missed reading your posts this week when you have been busy but I suppose life does have to get in the way sometimes. Look forward to catching up on what you have been up to.

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  2. Hi Steph, grown up stuff can get in the way of blogging, a fact of life! I will take whatever and whenever you post as time allows. Since i started following I have found myself looking through the reader list to see your latest post. this dress is GORGEOUS !! The color, print and style make it hard to resist, you are only human ! You look stunning wearing it in all the pics and I hope the weather stays so you can get alot more use out of it. Tahke care, hugs, Terri xo.

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  3. This look is gorgeous! I had my eyes on this dress for ages but when I tried it on, it looked so weird on me! You look stunning in it though! ❤ ❤

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