Reasons to be Cheerful – Date Night

Date Night 1

When Dan and I first got together, nights out were a common occurrence. Having both come out of long term, serious relationships neither of us had a home of our own so inevitably we spent a lot of time out and about. It also just so happens that two of our shared passions are food and drink, so it seemed an obvious way to spend time together! These days though, now that we have a lovely house to hang out in, a doggy to take care of and lots of big plans that eat up our money, date nights don’t happen quite so frequently any more. God, listen to me – we haven’t even had kids yet and I’m already talking about a lack of quality time!!

So this weekend, after a long run of weekends with plans and a kitchen covered in dust sheets, we decided to make the most of a free evening and go out for dinner! We didn’t stay out for long – just a couple of hours for a nice meal as we’d left the pup alone already earlier in the day while we looked at kitchens so didn’t want her to be on her own too long – but it was lovely to take some time out just the two of us and treat ourselves a little. Because we work together and live together it is easy for our alone time to get consumed with conversations about work or money or house renovations so it was lovely to talk about other things like future trips and holidays!

Of course, for me there was one other big motivating factor – it was the opportunity to get a little dressed up and put on one of those pairs of shoes that never gets to see the light of day unless there is a special occasion afoot! I went with my beloved Kurt Geiger ‘Beth’ peep toes, shoes I rarely wear due to the height of the platform – they are very much ‘car to bar’ shoes that I couldn’t wear for longer than a couple of hours, but I could never part with them as I love them so much. I absolutely loved the outfit I wore, but as we were in a bit of a rush to get out I only managed to get a quick Instagram shot, so I’ll have to think up another occasion to wear it again so I can do a proper outfit post!

Not that I should need to think up more excuses for a date night – we should definitely try to squeeze a few more in!

Date Night 2Date Night 3Date Night 4Date Night 5

Hope you all had a tolerable Monday!



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3 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful – Date Night

  1. Hi Steph, date night is hard to arrange! That is coming from Me with 4 kids, but we are due one soon. You look so cute in this outfit! The peep toes do go well as a contrast to the top . Great choice, hugs, Terri xo.

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