Outfit: Mint & Coral

Mint Coral 3

I feel like Joanie Clothing might be wiretapping my brain or something. I know that probably sounds extreme, but I can’t really think of another reason why they have suddenly become quite so adept at taking all my money this year. Not even stealing my money. Just asking very nicely for it in such a way that I just lie down and hand it over! They are one of those Brands that I’ve been admiring from afar for a while now since they launched, seeing them pop up on my favourite bloggers and imbedded advertising left, right and centre, but until 2018 I had done a pretty good job of standing strong and not purchasing yet more 50s style frocks or little printed tea dresses that I didn’t actually need.

Then, without warning, BOOM! Then came the Great Sale of 2018 and everything changed. One moment I knew the Brand well, but had zero experience of owning and wearing any of their stuff, the next my Joanie Clothing collection suddenly went from 0 – 6 pieces overnight, and ever since they have somehow been sending secret messages straight to my subconscious about things I never before realised but now strangely know to be fact. Like, how I DO need more 50s style frocks and little printed tea dresses, actually! And I totally CAN pull off a beret (while looking like a cartoon stereotype of a French girl, granted, but still…!)

This skirt was courtesy of one such secret message that said,Β ‘Mint and coral is totes the best colour combo ever, just so you know. Also, you already have shoes in this EXACT shade that you never really wear, so it’s just common sense to buy our Ava skirt…. p.s it’s on sale…!’Β Actually, that’s a slight misrepresentation, because the voice in my head actually told me I needed to buy the Ava dress, but it was sold out in my size so I went with the skirt instead, and do you know what? Turns out mint and coral really is the best colour combo ever (**Edit: If you follow me on Instagram you will now know that I’ve since declared mint and lilac the best colour combo ever and I’m sure it will be something else next week, but hey, what can I say? I’m fickle…) And this skirt really does make it a lot easier for me to wear these lovely coral Oasis shoes that rarely get a look in amongst the myriad of other colours I own.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks Joanie Clothing! Although, not for the taking all my money thing. That’s really annoying. And I will NOT be visiting your new half price end of season sale. I WON’T!

(**I already have…)

Mint Coral 5Mint Coral 2Mint Coral 7Mint Coral 8Mint Coral 10Mint Coral 9Mint Coral 4Mint Coral 6Mint Coral 1



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