Outfit: Floored

Floored 6

When I was younger, before I was willing to admit that I didn’t care about what was classed as ‘trendy’ and embraced my love for all things vintage style, maxi skirts and dresses were a regular feature in my summer wardrobe. It was not long after Sienna Miller had revived the whole ‘Boho Chic’ thing and floor length skirts were every girl’s must have item. And why wouldn’t they be? Keeping cool without baring pasty pins had to be a bonus, right? And don’t even get me started on the time saved shaving your legs…. Anyhow, despite this, they aren’t really something I wear much these days. I still have a couple of long skirts and dresses hanging in the wardrobe, but they tend to come out only when I’m heading off on holiday or when the weather gets really hot (which doesn’t happen too often here in the UK – this summer has been a really shock to all of us!)

I’m not sure what it is that turned me away from my once-favourite item of clothing. It’s partly, I’m sure, down to the fact that as my love for vintage styles blossomed I found it hard to want to wear any shape other than a nipped in waist and puffy circle skirt! Lately though, as fashions have brought floaty midi length skirts back in – a style that has secured itself very firmly in my everyday summer wear – my eye has started turning back to those longer length styles, and when I spotted this rather darling maxi in Primark ahead of my holiday, I knew it was time to give them another shot.

I think one of the concerns I’ve always had about maxi dresses and skirts is that they can look a little dowdy if not styled right, but there was absolutely no hope of that with this one. With the low but not plunging neckline, button through front which stops at the knee (I challenge you not to pull a complete Angelina in this frock and try and avoid accidentally on purpose keeping one leg stuck out at all times….) and pretty frilled sleeves, it is anything but dowdy. I love how light and silky the fabric is, and the delicate floral pattern is just perfect for holidays. It’s the kind of dress that looks better in motion, but sadly we know I am the world’s worst model when it comes to that, so you’ll have to take my word for it! Still, it made me feel pretty darn spesh, so I fear this will not be the last maxi to work it’s magic on me…..

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