Outfit: Mellow Yellow With A Bow


Mellow Yellow 1

I’ve never been a fan of the colour yellow. I don’t really know why, I just remember when I was small wrinkling my nose in disgust every time someone said it was their favourite colour. I was always more of a violet or mint green kinda girl. In fact, maybe that is what the problem was – yellow was just so obvious and so ordinary, and well, I was always a bit ‘extra’ as a child, so I guess my heart always leaned towards things that were just a little bit more than just a plain old primary colour. Booooring (it’s ok that you want to slap 6 year old me right now, by the way, I would probably want to too…)

These days though, it’s all change. Well, not completely, I still love violet and mint green and a whole rainbow of other colours, but also, good old fashion yellow as won me over. Where I used to see it as dull and ordinary I now see it as bright and sunny and all things cheerful, and a colour that never fails to make me smile. Still, it seems there isn’t a while lot of it in my wardrobe, so when the rather darling ‘Megan’ dress went on sale at Joanie Clothing, I made a specific effort to rectify that problem. Sure, the mint green version was just stunning. And the pretty pastel pink one was also right up my street. But yellow – yellow was a colour I needed a little more of in my life so the decision was made! It also meant I could find a way of justifying yet another Joanie purchase but let’s just gloss over that shall we….

Mellow Yellow 10Mellow Yellow 3Mellow Yellow 8Mellow Yellow 9Mellow Yellow 7Mellow Yellow 11Mellow Yellow 4Mellow Yellow 6Mellow Yellow 12Mellow Yellow 2Mellow Yellow 5

It really is the cheeriest of dresses, yellow or not. It has a beautifully full skirt just perfect for twirling in, and a boned bodice to make it all kinds of flattering. Then of course they went and slapped a big ol’ bow on the front and, well, you know how I feel about bows so if anything it’s incredible that I didn’t buckle and buy it in all three colours…. It’s a good job it’s no longer available or I probably would…..



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24 thoughts on “Outfit: Mellow Yellow With A Bow

  1. Hi Steph, I have to say I have always loved yellow , especially in dresses! I dont want to slap 6 year old you, she might get hurt! It is ok to gloss over things sometimes. You look really good in the dress , the skirt is so nice. Hugs, Terri xo.

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