Reasons to be Cheerful -A Little Fall of Rain

Lindy Stripes 2

So – it finally happened. This long spell of gorgeous weather finally came to an end. And I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but….. I was kinda relieved.

See, it’s been glorious, but it’s had it’s problems, the fashion variety being just the beginning. We all love that sun when it’s the weekend and we’re basking in it’s warm glow, quaffing Pimms and having BBQs, but when you’re packed onto a commuter train or trying to dash across the city when you’re late for a meeting? Sticky, sweaty and not fun. And when you have to sit at your desk in a stuffy office, overlooking the canal and all the fun that seems to be going on down there? Soul destroying.

Then, of course, once you finally get out of work there are still issues. That after work shower isn’t quite so refreshing anymore – luke warm water only please, otherwise I’ll be sweatier on the way out than I was when I went in! And trying to sleep in this heat? Not easy. Especially when all the bugs have managed to sneak in while you had all the windows and doors open and are quietly feasting on you as you toss and turn. The dog hasn’t been getting much sleep either, poor love, so she’s been waking us up on a regular basis, either because she is gagging for a drink, or possibly because she is just darn fed up of not being able to get cool!

It’s probably our poor garden that has suffered the most though. Our lovely fruit and veg has survived just fine, as have my sweet peas, but the lawn has definitely seen better days and now looks a similar shade to the wheat they have just harvested in the nearby fields! So I think most people in the UK would be telling you porky pies if they said they weren’t quietly hoping for a little bit of a Summer shower.

And then the rains came! They didn’t just come a little bit – they came tenfold! Thunder, lightning and torrential rain for three days solid now! And of course, true to form, I’m already fed up of it and wanting the sun back! But that first moment when the heavens opened? I wanted to dance in it, I’m not going to lie! It felt so refreshing to feel the temperatures drop and a little breeze in the air, and smell the scent of plant life again! There is something exciting about a storm, don’t you think? Like you can feel the electricity in the air – I like nothing more than to sit by a window and watch it happen. It also had the added bonus that we had no distractions so finally got around to stripping the wallpaper after weeks of it being just too tempting to go outside and soak up the sun!

Lindy Stripes 1

Still, if we actually could have the sun back now, I’d greatly appreciate it. No, seriously…. stop!



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11 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful -A Little Fall of Rain

  1. I am so so happy that we finally got some rain! I can already see the wildlife benefitting from it, though I’ve been enjoying the sunshine, rainy weather is definitely my favourite ❤

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  2. Hi Steph, my family have been telling me all about the summer of 2018!! It has been a crazy year for you, from the blizzard near the end of winter to a heatwave! I am sure it was great while it lasted but a return to cooler temps must feel nice too! I can emphatise with you having to commute in the heat and just moving around in it. Maybe a little more increase in sun would be a compromise for Mr. Sun! I cant see it in all its glory but your dress is gorgeous as always and the shoes to match one of the stripes ! I always love your feminine style! Hugs, Terri xo.

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