Outfit: Blooming Lovely

Blooming 7

I have a real pang on sadness in my bones as I write this post, as this is the last of my content from Morocco! What with the kitchen plans we won’t be able to afford another proper holiday this year, probably just a week away in the UK with the pup, so until next year all I’ll have to keep me going are the warm memories of the wonderful time we had, and of course the 70 billion outfit pictures I’ve already bored you with… Wait, I’ve just realised that sounded really melodramatic, but… Oh forget it, I AM really melodramatic, so let’s just get on with the post, shall we!

I say get on with it, but in truth, I don’t have all that much to say – I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’m supposed to say something deep and meaningful when I write these posts. Like I have to give you a reason to stay here reading, when actually – how many things can you say about a dress? Even a dress as gorgeous as this one?? Surely it’s the pics that do all the talking? Still, I feel obliged to say something, so here goes…

I didn’t think I could wear this dress. I feel instantly in love with it when I first saw it as part of Oasis’ Royal Worcester collection, but was convinced that the shape would be all wrong on me. See, I’m more than a little self conscious about my middle, especially when experiencing the dreaded after meal bloat, so thought this style of frock was just what I should be avoiding. It is completely the opposite of the safe, full skirted, 50’s shape I tend to favour. Still, I couldn’t get this one out of my mind, and when I saw it pop up on eBay, Brand new with the tags still on and at a ridiculously affordable price, I did what I would never actually recommend and threw caution to the wind – I bought it anyway. Pretty silly really, considering it isn’t something you can normally return, and I am not the best at actually getting around to listing that pile of ‘to sell’ pieces. Lucky for me then that it turns out it was all in my head! To be honest, I felt so great in this dress that I wasn’t even thinking about whether it might be a little tight across the belly or if someone might accidentally congratulate me on being preggers! So as much as I like to think I’m an advocate for sensible shopping, every now and then you have to trust the lust and just buy the dress!

And there you have it – despite thinking I had nothing to say I’ve still managed to waffle on for more than 400 words…. So I will shut up now, and actually let the pics do the talking….

Blooming 6Blooming 9Blooming 4Blooming 2Blooming 11Blooming 12Blooming 10Blooming 3Blooming 8Blooming 5Blooming 1



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12 thoughts on “Outfit: Blooming Lovely

  1. You said it all beautifully, you have a way with words that I dont and described the history behind the dress. it looks good on you with those wedges!! In autumn you can add a cardigan and it will be very nice too. Take care, Terri xo.

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