Moments of Weakness – July

Well, the Summer splurging hasn’t quite come to an end. The odd bit of shopping has still gone on this month I’m afraid, though I have to say, I’m feeling a little proud of myself for my restraint the last few weeks. Especially since Joanie Clothing and Collectif have both had RIDICULOUSLY good sales recently and I haven’t bought a stitch from either of them! Still, resisting temptation is hard, especially as I’ve been spending a bit more time focusing on my Instagram account this month (don’t forget to follow me for daily OOTD posts!) and everyone there is constantly posting pics of themselves looking adorable in aaaaaalllllll the clothes I want to own! It’s both a fashion lover’s dream and nightmare all at the same time! So inevitably I have weakened at times, but I’m feeling pretty chuffed with the results…..

Most of the splurging happened in the Oasis sale, which was particularly good this year! As you know, I have always been crazy for their floral prints, so was very excited to pick up a couple of the pansy patterned pieces I’d been lusting over earlier in the year! I am completely head over heels with the colour of the dress, and the contrast of florals over a stripe on the blouse is just gorgeous. It’s been a little too warm to wear them unfortunately, but they will be the perfect way to cheer things up when the weather gets grey soon enough!

It has definitely been the right weather for the other two bits I picked up though – this gorgeous cold shoulder ruffle dress and baby blue cami. The cami has already become one of my favourite things to wear – such a soft fabric, which drapes just the right way, and those sweet little shoulder bows – it’s quite simply perfection. I only wish I had also picked up the sage green version while I had the chance!

My other naughty little purchase was definitely via Instagram envy – I fell head over heels for the drapey shape and stunning print as soon as I saw it. It was one of those times where you’re convinced it’s going to cost a million bucks but actually turns out to be very affordable indeed! When I discovered it was actually by H&M I rushed straight to the website to take a closer look, and when I couldn’t find it assumed I’d missed my chance already. Happily I spotted it in store a week later, and let me tell you, it may only cost £25, but it makes me feel like a million bucks, and isn’t that all that matters?

July 18 Weakness 2

Finally, the naughtiest of naughty purchases – a new Kate Spade. It isn’t often I spend quite so much on something, but ever since her death was announced I’ve been chastising myself for choosing to buy a simple black and white bag over a hot pink one for my first purchase, and so when I spotted this coral one on eBay I decided to right that wrong. I’m so thrilled with the condition – which was pretty much brand new – and considering it’s a pretty bright hue I’ve found no problems getting use out of it so far, which makes me feel even more silly for avoiding the first one!

July 18 Weakness 1

Things really will have to go quiet on the shopping front now as I just had to drop a painful amount of money on the new kitchen! Still, I think these will keep me happy for a while!

What have you been buying? SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME!



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