Saturday Shopping – Leopard Print Lovelies

You can’t have failed to notice, but leopard print is having somewhat of a comeback this year. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. Not because of the old fashioned connotations – let’s face it, much like over the knee boots and red or white shoes, in the past it hasn’t been associated with the classiest of ladies. But despite that, all three of them have managed to make it back into our everyday wear without that stigma clinging on, so what was holding me back?

Well, as always, it was the memories of my youthful follies into fashion that had marred my opinion about animal prints. See, this is not the fist comeback I have seen surface, no. There was the Scary Spice style leopard maxi dress I had aged 13. The pony skin mini skirt aged 15. Don’t even start me on the stretchy snakeskin knee high boots I had aged 18… So my feelings about animal print have largely, up until now, been OH HELL NO, PLEASE NOT AGAIN!! Unless it was shoes. I never could say no to leopard print shoes…

But then came Insta, and all the super stylish ladies I’ve met there recently, flaunting their fabulous new leopard printed purchases and looking so darn great in them, that in the end I seem to have developed a bit of a can’t beat ’em then join ’em kind of attitude! Well, there isn’t really another way to explain why I’m suddenly lusting after all of these:

Top Row: ‘Corey’ Dress, Joanie Clothing, £38 – ‘Atom’ Shoes, Topshop, £19Cami, Warehouse, £22Asymmetric Dress, Oasis, £50

Second Row: Tie Shoulder Cami, Oasis, £28Sandals, New Look, £19.99Mini Skirt, Joanie Clothing, £30Sandals, Zara, £25.99

Third Row: Trousers, Zara, £29.99Belt, Warehouse, £20Shirt Dress, Zara, £39.99 – Handbag, Topshop, £29.99

Bottom Row: Skirt, Oasis, £38Boots, Zara, £95.99Skirt, Zara, £29.99Tee, New Look, £15.99

Hmmmm. Other than the shoes I’m yet to add anything leopard printed to my collection in the last few years but I feel like that may be about to change. And GOD I wish I still had that pony skin mini skirt….

How about you, are you loving leopard or do you fear the Bette Lynch look??



9 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Leopard Print Lovelies

  1. I’m loving the leopard print trend! I’m so pleased that it’s made a return. I’ve bought some lovely pieces. Check out my blog about the leopard print trend 🙂

    Sarah xo

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