Travel: Where To Eat & Drink In Llandeilo

Dan and I like our food. We might even like food more than we like each other, and we like each other a helluva lot, so that’s really saying something! Eating out basically formed the majority of our early days of dating, and nothing has changed – we frequently pledge to be more interesting with our date nights is, but honestly? We just wanna eat. We wanna eat everything. And also drink. But mostly, eat. And what better time to participate in our favourite pastime than a holiday?? That cavalier ‘calories don’t really count this week’ attitude? That little nest egg you’ve put to one side purely for frivolous spending? That sense of adventure that makes you willing to try anything? And a whole host of places you’ve never been to before? The perfect ingredients for a week of culinary treats, much like the one we had last month!

When we booked out little cottage in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, it was mainly down to the fact it looked cute and was pretty darn affordable. We didn’t really start looking into things to do until the date was on the horizon, in fact. That probably sounds like lunacy to most people, but the fact is, it was October and we were holidaying in the UK, so we truly didn’t believe we’d end up doing anything other than dog walking and curling up under a blanket watching movies. As it turns out though, we had the bizarrest turn of lovely, sunny October weather, and found ourselves exploring the prettiest little town that was, much to our surprise, choc full of fabulous eateries! The best part was, there was something there for pretty much every occasion, and I thought it would be mightily mean of me not to share that all with you, so without further ado….

The Proper Pub

White Horse Inn, a Brewery Tap for local brewery Evan Evans, was the very first establishment we stumbled upon on our trip, and my, what a delight it was. I’d read about it previously in my quest for ideas for things to do with the dog, and on our way back from a walkies on day one we decided to check it out. Now, if you are into swanky bars and cocktails, this isn’t the place for you, but I have a deep rooted love for a good old traditional boozer and this one fits the bill perfectly. Good beer, a cosy interior and a very accomodating Charles behind the bar was all we needed – there are no pretensions here. Well, maybe the Chilli Puffs, which some might call pretentious, but happen to be my all time favourite bar snack so no complaints here! It’s the kind of place where the regulars have a particular seat, are desperate to fill you in on the best things to see and do once they realise you’re a tourist and are ready with a dog treat in hand whenever you visit. It’s a fabulous little place and well worth a visit.

The Perfect Spot Of Lunch

Being on holiday with your dog can sometimes make meals out tricky, particularly in Winter, but Llandeilo is an incredibly puppy friendly place, as we found at our next stop, The Angel. Doggies are more than welcome in the delightfully decorated bar for lunch where I gorged on Welsh brie as part of one of their delicious Ploughmans boards. It was the perfect place for us to relax and refuel after a day of exploring, and we’d have loved to pop back for a cosy drink in the evening if we weren’t so keen to try everywhere out!

The Party Place

Party might be a strong word to use here as we aren’t exactly talking late night raves or anything, but The Salutation Inn is where to head if you’re looking for something a little livelier. We stopped in en route to the shop to grab some bits for tea, and ended up having a couple of G&Ts while enjoying the jukebox and pool table. Dogs are also welcome here – sadly our Bonnie is just not the social butterfly so we left her at home for this one, and I must admit I cheated on her a little bit with an adorable little collie cross. Shhhh, don’t tell….

The Fancy Date Night

It was Dan’s birthday while we were there and we decided to celebrate with a grown up night out doggy-free at The Cawdor, a rather lovely hotel at the top of town. Everything about the evening was top notch – fantastic service, a smart but relaxed, candlelit supper and the most delicious goats cheese risotto! Had we not had a fur baby to get home to we could have happily curled up in front of the roaring fire with a bottle of wine for a good few hours, but duty called! Should you fancy a daytime trip they also do Afternoon Tea!

The Tempting Treats

Llandeilo Food 13

Sadly we missed out on visiting this one as we’d saved it for the Sunday (note – a lot of things shut on a Sunday so plan your trips well!) but by a twist of fate, due to a Wedding Fayre at The Cawdor they weren’t open! So we are very keen to go back and check out Heavenly. A quick flick around their website will demonstrate the incredible skill they have at creating the most exquisite celebration cakes, but apparently ice cream is what makes them most famous. They even do an ice cream for dogs, you just have to give them advance notice you’re coming!

The Gin Lover’s Paradise

I’ve saved the best for last, because honestly, I think I found my spirit home – seriously, I could have happily moved in and stayed forever! I’d heard about Ginhaus, a local deli with an impressive gin selection, from a few locals and was dying to try it, but we decided to save it for the Saturday night, when they also serve pizzas during the evening. Friends – it did not disappoint! More gin than you can shake a stick at, cheese, pizza – what more could a girl want? My particular favourite was a Welsh gin, Aber Falls Orange Marmalade with Mediterranean tonic – delicious! The only thing missing was Bonnie who we left at home, but she would have been more than welcome – they even have a vending machine with treats out the front! Please can I live here?

And thus ends my whistle stop tour of Llandeilo’s eateries! Genuinely worth a trip just for the gastronomy alone, though you’ll also be spoilt for scenery too so what are you waiting for?? Go visit! Your doggy and your tummy will thank you!



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