Moments of Weakness – October

As suspected, the changing of the seasons has generated a little shopping surge for me last month, but I have to say, I’m feeling mightily chuffed with my new purchases! Normally at this time of year I struggle terribly not to fill my basket with sequins and glitter thanks to all the party dresses on offer, tempting my inner magpie! I was feeling pretty certain it was going to be difficult to resist picking up something twinkly to wear to one of my upcoming festive parties, but as it transpires I’ve done remarkably well at blocking out my spending demons and focusing on things I actually need.

Namely, Winter wear! As you will all be well aware, I am not a fan of the fashions that are appropriate this time of year, preferring instead to be swanning around in a big skirt and peep toes rather than bundled in endless layers of knitwear, so over the years it’s become quite apparent that there are some glaring gaps in my wardrobe, and I might just about have managed to fill most of them….

Starting with this scarf:

October 18 Weakness 3

I don’t have a huge volume of scarves. Actually, that isn’t technically true, I have quite a few scarves, but they are mainly of the pretty, silky variety and not particularly warm! The only real Winter scarf I owned until recently was a huge black blanket scarf, which basically did the trick, but black everyday? Not very cheery, is it? So I’ve been after a bit more print or colour to brighten up the weekday commute! Last month’s leopard print number was a great place to start, but I’ve really been hankering for a tartan one for a while now. While they are all over the place, it was only last month that I finally managed to track down the colour combo of my dreams via eBay! And now I quite desperately want to buy it again in black watch…..

Talking of brightening things up…:

Oct 18 Weakness 6

Yeah. The brightest coat ever, yes? Not my usual style, but my old dog walking coat gave up the ghost last Spring, and ever the procrastinator I’ve been putting off getting a new one ever since. See, a ‘sensible’ waterproof coat isn’t really the kind of thing I relish spending money on. Still, I decided it was something that was properly investing in, so I started doing my research and finally found one I actually liked – this rather bright and cheery beauty from Joules. I didn’t really feel happy shelling out the best part of £100 though, so took to eBay to track me down a thrifted version, and sure enough, a few weeks later, it was mine. And I have to say, I’m kinda converted!

Sticking with the casual theme:

Oct 18 Weakness 1

Jumpers don’t rank too highly up my list of desirable items either, but this leopard print cardigan from Primark is an absolute dream and has been keeping me warm on many occasion already. Maybe I’m getting into this whole casual dressing lark??

These boots would also suggest so:

Oct 18 Weakness 4

A pair of flat chelsea boots has been on my list for ages, so imagine how pleased I was when I discovered these M&S beauties! For the bargain price of £20 and never been won, I got me the softest pair of casual ankle boots you could possibly imagine, and they have been on regular rotation ever since!

And who’d have thought this hat was me??

Oct 18 Weakness 2

I’m still not 100% sold to be honest – not because I don’t like it, because I really do, but because I’m just not sure I’m cool enough to pull it off. Still, when I spotted it over at H&M it spoke to me, and now it can be seen most frequently on my head, so I guess right now it’s talking louder than my insecurities, which can only be a good thing, right?

Finally, my favourite of all the purchases:

Oct 18 Weakness 5

Practical it is not, but this New Look skirt is absolutely stunning and I want to wear it all day long! The lightweight, silky fabric will make it year round appropriate, but right now it pretty much goes with all my favourite Autumn colours – forest green, burgundy, navy blue, mustard… the list is endless. So as much as it’s the one thing that really falls in the camp of ‘pretty’ rather than ‘needed’ I have zero regrets, friends. Zero regrets.

What have you been buying recently? Show me your sequins so I can live vicariously!



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