Outfit: Leopard Love

Leopard 1

Leopard print. It’s got a funny old reputation, hasn’t it?

Once upon a time it was considered the epitome of brash, associated with the likes of Bet Lynch or Kat Slater – not often style icons to be revered. Essentially it has a bit of a history of being thought of as cheap, a little tarty, and not the kind of thing a classy lady would wear. Of course, we all know how I feel about attaching such connotations to an innocent piece of clothing – utter nonsense. And thankfully the world occasionally agrees, because garments previously considered ‘trash’ will have a little resurgence of popularity, and most recently that has definitely been the case for animal prints of all varieties – you literally cannot walk into a store right now without seeing at least a handful of items sporting a snakeskin, zebra or cheetah pattern!

My own feelings on this contentious motif? Well, I’ve always been a bit of a fan. There is something a little cheeky and bold about it that has always appealed to me, and as much as many seem to believe it can be tricky to match into an outfit, I find it pretty much a neutral. That said, I’ve never really had the guts to rock all out leopard, sticking usually to accessories like a pony skin pair of boots or a great handbag. Enter Instagram! (Gosh, I seem to be blaming an awful lot of my purchases on Instagram this year…!) For quite a while throughout this animal print craze I was largely sticking to that preference, but all the while drooling over the gorgeous dresses and skirts my Insta pals were sporting. And as pretty much all of these stories go, eventually it had crept into my subconscious to such a degree that I found myself really hankering for some more of my own! Which all culminated in this rather gorgeous pleated midi becoming mine.

There is an awful lot to love about this skirt. It is a style that, as you know, has played a huge role in both my Summer and Winter ensembles for a few years now, and I honestly can’t picture a time when it won’t. It is also made from the loveliest, silky material which lends itself so well to bot a casual or a more dressy outfit. But most of all, that print – I love how it is a little abstract rather than your classic leopard, and the muted tones are just lovely – not of that slightly gaudy yellow and gold, just soft coffee and chocolate shades that work with almost every colour imaginable – perfection! Here I’ve gone with my go to pairing – jewel tones – with this lovely forest green colour, but the options are endless – I’ve also already worn it with burgundy, red and black, and can definitely feel a festive gold themed pairing coming up for Christmas! Watch this space!

Leopard 3Leopard 4Leopard 6Leopard 7Leopard 10Leopard 2Leopard 8Leopard 11Leopard 9Leopard 12Leopard 5

Are you an animal print fan or is all just a bit too crazy for you?



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