Moments of Weakness – November

So, at the end of October, I made a pretty bold statement. I told you I was feeling optimistic about the fact I was joining in with a new Instagram challenge, #NotNewNovember, and the fact it might divert my attention from all the festive sparkle currently in the shops that tests my willpower so very much.

And did it?

Well, to a degree. I can hand on heart say that I did not buy anything glittery, sequined or overtly embellished. There are no new party frocks hanging in my wardrobe, and my shoe collection does not contain any sparkly peep toes or sandals that weren’t there back in the Summer. So on that count at least, I can say I was successful. But did I succeed in not spending anything at all? No. But I have a feeling you already knew that…..

I succumb to a handful of new things, sending in total around £35, and since that is only a third of my usual monthly ‘treats’ budget, it’s not too bad a result, I think. The main point though, is that the three things I did buy are very much loved and unlikely to fester unworn in my wardrobe, and I think that is really the true point of any kind of conscious shopping exercise. So without further ado, here are the offending items…:

First up, this emerald green beauty:

Nov 18 Weakness 2.jpg

In fairness, I kind of called it when I featured it on my Lust Haves last month – given my love for a pleated midi, it’s no real surprise that this £13 Primark number was the catalyst for breaking my spending fast. Right now any outfits I have planned involve festive gold and glitz, but I’m also looking forward to Summer where I can see myself matching in some pastel and white accessories. And of course, we all know how much I love pairing green and leopard print together, so I’m sure that is also a combo that will be gracing these pages any time soon!

While there I also picked up these:

Umbrella 11

After the success of the red version I bought back in September, I decided it was well worth investing another £16 on the blush pink version too. I’ve actually wanted a nude ankle boot for quite some time, but was always put off by the worry they would simply get ruined in the usual English winter weather. But at £16 a pair, I figured I’ll be more than happy to risk sponging them down if they get marked, and if that doesn’t work, no real harm done. Now that they’re mine I’ve actually realised how incredibly versatile they are, particularly for helping me to ‘winter up’ some of my lighter, more summery dresses and skirts, so it’s a purchase I won’t regret in a hurry. That silver glitter version is getting harder and harder to ignore now…

Finally, something far more sensible:

Nov 18 Weakness 1

Ever since getting my tartan scarf last month, I’ve been thinking about also adding the black watch version to the collection, and as the weather took a turn for the chilly in the last couple of weeks I decided now was the time. Much like it’s twin, I’m head over heels with it. It’s soft, super cosy and a great match for all the forest green pieces I tend to wear this time of year – win. And let’s face it – far more useful than sequins!

I’m still not over the sequins though, I fear it is only a matter of time….

How have you been behaving this month?



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