Outfit: The Trouble With Sequins…

Sequins 6

Ironic isn’t it. You wait all year to get to wear all those glitzy items. All the sparkle, the sequins, the glittery shoes that you feel a bit daft wearing in June – they all get a chance to come out at Christmas when you can finally act like you have a social life. You don’t even really need a fancy party invite to get the bling out! Any occasion is a worthy excuse of a bejeweled blouse or some crushed velvet! Casual drinks at the pub? Yes. Lunch with the in laws? Absolutely. Tuesday afternoon forecasting meeting? Why the hell not? It’s Christmas! So, for obvious reasons, it goes without saying that while Summer is and has always been my favourite season, Christmas is my favourite time of year style wise.

You see, I have always been a bit of a magpie when it comes to fashion. Even as a small child I was always drawn to sometimes the ugliest of garments if they had a rhinestone or a bow attached. Obviously I like to think that my tastes are somewhat more refined these days, but the lure of something lustrous has stuck and has made occasion wear a real weakness for me. So pretty much the moment bonfire night is done I start going through all the spangly frocks and embellished heels, wanting to make sure they all get an outing while the going is good!

Only problem is though, this is not the time of year to be taking great outfit photos. It’s dark when we get up. It’s dark when we get home. And we all know artificial lighting isn’t always the most flattering. So I finally have use for my most glamorous of outfits, yet I can’t capture them at their best – life is unfair sometimes! This skirt, for example, is possible one of the prettiest things I own. This entrance hall to the apartment we were staying in isn’t really the most befitting backdrop for something of such beauty, but at least I got to wear it – that’s the main thing really, isn’t it?

Sequins 1Sequins 10Sequins 5Sequins 3Sequins 8Sequins 12Sequins 11Sequins 7Sequins 4Sequins 13Sequins 9

Maybe we could organise a Christmas throwback in June where we get to re-wear all our fanciest dresses? Or maybe I should just stop being a wuss and wear them all year round….




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20 thoughts on “Outfit: The Trouble With Sequins…

  1. You look as always amazing Steph!! That skirt is so so pretty even in the unnatural light . The lace cami is a gorgeous addition too and cute shoes with the adorable bows. The clutch adds the red Christmas colour. And look at that cute accesory on your left hand! So happy for you. Take care, Terri xo.

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