Fantasy Friday (On A Saturday…!) – Dolce & Gabbana Sequined Pants

Oopsie. Had this post planned on a perfectly appropriate day, and then life an all that Christmas jazz happened, so here we are. Of course, as I pointed out in this post, it is completely ludicrous that the content of any given post should be dictated by what day it is, so to heck with it, I’m posting it anyway. Only thing is, I’ve reached that point in the year where my brain feels like it has started to ooze out of my ears and I’m struggling to formulate intelligent sentences, so I couldn’t think up a new header. But who cares, really? Because in a couple of days time I’ll be three glasses of Prosecco down and ready to eat myself into a coma and probably won’t even remember this bizarre little episode of rambling, so lets just get on with it shall we…?

Now, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some sequined trousers for a couple of years now. These days my festive events, especially the work ones, are less fancy dresses and heels and more a quick spray of deodorant and a slick of lipstick before dashing out of the office, so I’m forever trying to think of ways to be comfortable enough for the daytime without forgoing the festive sparkle. I figured some sequined trousers would be the perfect way to go, and every Winter the search begins again (as well as the odd drink induced mid-Summer eBay hunt) but as of yet the perfect pair has always eluded me.

Until now….:

Sequined Pants
Sequined Pants, Dolce & Gabanna, £945

Well aren’t these just fabulous?? Have you ever seen anything more festive?? I’ve seen plenty of variations of the style over my many, many eBay trawls, but never a bright red, Santa-esque pair, and I have to say – it’s love. I’m not entirely certain I could actually pull them off, and they probably wouldn’t be office appropriate really, but still, I really freakin’ want them!

Of course, at that price I would have to be a reeeeeeeeeally good girl to find them under the tree this year, especially as they seem to be mostly sold out, but you never know! Never underestimate the power of Christmas spirit, right??



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