May Outfit Roundup

And just like that another month is done! Somehow I blinked and seemed to miss May – it doesn’t seem fathomable, but here we are nearing the halfway point of the year in which I will become a parent, and I can’t quite get my head around it! It may be partly due to the fact that compared to April, May has been a little bit of a snooze fest, what with us spending almost all of our spare time sorting through the house to get it extension ready! It’s been a huge exercise – my gosh, how two people can come to accumulate such a large amount of crap in just 18 months I do not know – and I’ve created a rather large pile of clothing and shoes for the eBay/charity shop pile which is slightly terrifying, but it’s been pretty cathartic too and I feel as though nesting is well under way! The really good news is that we had the house revalued last week and the assessment has come back where we were hoping which has freed up some funds for us to spend on the project which makes all the hard work worth it!

The weather has been similarly dull. Literally. After some real stonkers of sunny days over Easter the weather turned for the cooler this month and we’ve seen our fair share of rainy, grey nothingness. Thankfully the temperatures have stayed fairly pleasant though, meaning most of the month has been spent in what I’m starting to think may be my signature pregnancy style – the floaty midi dress! Most of these frocks are ones I’ve had for a while so I’m absolutely thrilled that they are still fitting me this far through, though I have to admit I may have acquired a few more this month, including BOTH polka dotted ones, but I don’t believe you can have too many polka dots, soooo….

May Outfits 18

May Outfits 12

May Outfits 10

Stretchy tube dresses and skirts have still been making a regular appearance and I can’t see that changing to be honest. They are just so darn comfy and I’m still feeling really good about my body and showing off my little (well, rapidly expanding, actually…) bump! Long may it continue!

While most of my beloved pleated midis are now a little too snug around the middle, two are still clinging on. These velvet beauties are so snuggly soft, and have waistbands with just the right amount of stretch, meaning they have been a firm favourite lately. They also have the added bonus of making my belly extra stroke-able, though I’m not sure if that is a blessing or a curse!

And of course, my reliable maternity jeans are still in constant rotation. All three pairs have been enjoying regular outings so as much as I was reluctant to splurge on specific maternity wear I have most definitely been getting my money’s worth. Honestly, they are so comfy that once they’re on I don’t want to take them off! Tops, on the other hand, I’ve found much harder to wear. Even my looser blouses have started to feel a little tight across the bump and have an unattractive tendency to bunch up around the bust, so other than the few swing style tops I have, like this striped sleeveless blouse from Shein, I’m struggling a little in this department. Might be time to start perusing those maternity ranges soon!

May Outfits 8

May Outfits 19

Buy of the Month

This one was a toughie because as I alluded to earlier more than a couple of new frocks found their way into my wardrobe this month (just as well as I cleared all that extra space then, right?!) The best has to be this gorgeous polka dotted number from H&M though, if only because of the hard graft it took to get it! You may well remember it from a shopping post a whole year ago. Well, it turns out I was a little hasty in waxing lyrical about how great it was, because this was back before H&M reworked their sizing and to be frank, despite normally wearing a size 10 there and everywhere else, the dress was obscene. Like, boobs out, knicker flashing obscene! It seriously looked as though I were trying to squeeze into a child’s dress! So I switched it for a 12, and while this was slightly less obscene I still didn’t feel comfortable going out in it. By this stage, of course, the dress had sold out completely and I’d started to fear I’d screwed up. I couldn’t stop thinking about that dress though – the heart wants what it wants. And finally a whole year later I spotted a size 14 on eBay! I thought it was unlikely it was going to fit me, especially as I’m now 6 months preggers. Whaddya know – it does! And it’s such a joyful little dress, I’m so glad I persevered!

May Outfits 6

Outfit of the Month

Again, kind of tough to call this month as I’ve picked up so many lovely little treats and I’ve been feeing that whole ‘pregnant and glowing’ thing, but in the end I had to go with this one. I have this ancient tube dress from New Look in three colours, but for some reason it’s the green that I always feel the best in. I paired it with another of my eBay bargains, this Insta-famous Topshop bag which I managed to score with the tags still on for the bargain price of £8, and I have to say I felt a million dollars! Green and leopard always goes so well together, don’t you think?

May Outfits 16

And that was May! Will I still be squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clobber this time next month? Only time will tell! Tune in next time!



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