June Outfit Round Up

Ah June. What a confusing and frustrating month you have been. Not just in a ‘holy crap, it’s just dawned on me that I’ll be giving birth in a matter of weeks now and we are not even a tiny bit prepared!!’ kind of way, though those feelings are all too real right now and I’m sure there will be a post to come very shortly about that! But no, I was actually referring to our crazy British weather. I think perhaps last year – yes, that one time that we had months on end of glorious sunshine filled days that seemed as though it would stretch on forever – lulled us all into a false sense of security, making us believe constant 30 plus temperatures and zero rain was completely normal for June in the UK. This could, of course, not be further from the truth, and we’re back on typical English form this year, with the last few weeks having been what we can only describe as being ‘mixed’ on the weather front.

Irritatingly, this means a lot of my outfits have looked like this:

June Outfits 10

June Outfits 20

June Outfits 6

Yes, you could indeed be forgiven for thinking maybe I took these shots in October, but alas, these were all recent outfits, despite their Autumnal appearance! I can’t say I’ve been particularly thrilled about having to get jackets and boots back out this far into Summer, and have had to keep myself from screaming, ‘BUT I THOUGHT WE HAD SUMMERS NOW, GODDAMIT!!’ every time I woke up to another dreary grey day, but there you go. This is the reality of life in this country, and I guess getting a few more wears out of my favourite leopard print boots wasn’t the worst thing ever… Those sunglasses were meant to be ironic, by the way!

It hasn’t all been all cold and drizzle though:

June Outfits 19

June Outfits 3

June Outfits 18

June Outfits 5

Yep, those floaty midi dresses have continued to house the bump beautifully, and now with less than two months to go things are looking very god on the not having to buy any more maternity wear front! The maternity jeans are still going strong too which I’m relieved about – when I first bought them the shop assistant directed me to a chart which seemed to suggest I’d have to be sizing up with a new pair each trimester – a thought which did not fill me with glee – but thankfully that hasn’t happened and it looks as though these may end up being my only ones. Last month I mentioned I’d been struggling a little to find tops that would cover my growing tum, so I headed back over to Shein to see if I could score a few more of the swing style tops which don’t seem to be quite as fashionable this year, and I’m pleased to say they came up trumps! Really please with them – both for now and after baby – and I’ll be writing a specific post all about that shortly!

I also had some pleasant surprises this month!

June Outfits 23

June Outfits 2

I’d been lamenting the lack of retro outfits last month as those cinched in waists don’t really go hand in hand with a baby bump! But I was super excited to find that a few of my dearest Collectif and Lindy Bop frocks still unexpectedly fit! I’ve always found the waistbands sit a little high on me thanks to a long torso and finally that has proved to be kind of useful!

Buy of the Month

I have to admit I did a little more shopping than I planned to in June, though I can’t say any of what I bought was particularly frivolous. I mean, I did buy the exact same dress that I bought last month from Primark in a different print, but heck, I’ve already worn it twice so I’m calling it a good buy! This dress, despite not being a maternity dress, just seems to have been made to show off a baby bump and I feel like a million dollars every time I wear it (and it’s gorgeous polka dot partner!) No regrets!

Outfit of the Month

June Outfits 24

Had to pick this one, if only because it was the only day so far that genuinely felt like Summer! It was a gorgeously hot day and this new sale bargain M&S purchase was the perfect way to keep cool! It will do me well if we do get any more hot weather before baby, and after it’s born I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks cinched in with a belt!

And that was June! Only a few more weeks of dressing the bump to go now!



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