Turned On By Toile…

I am trying so hard not to shop. I swear I am. I even stopped writing shopping posts in the hopes it would stop me obsessing about acquiring MORE NEW THINGS! And for a little while, it worked. But then the season started changing…. The sun started to (admittedly, intermittently…) shine, the days grew longer and Insta was awash with my favourite ladies rocking gorgeous frocks and espadrilles I don’t already own and, well, you know how it is…! It makes life for a compulsive shopper who is trying to be more spend conscious a little tricky, for sure. I guess the only saving grace is that I’m nearly 7 months pregnant right now and not able to wear an awful lot of the lovely treats out there on the highstreet right now, so that at least has stopped me from having my usual Spring/Summer splurge!

It doesn’t stop me yearning though, and I’ve been yearning for something in particular – toile prints!

I have always been a fan of this pattern, inspired by the wallpaper and soft furnishings of yesteryear, for yonks, so I’m pretty darn thrilled to see it back with a vengeance. My usual retro styles have had to take a back seat recently due to my expanding bump, so it’s great to see a print resurface that gives even a modern shape a bit of a vintage twist! As an added bonus, stores also seem to be veering away from the classic blue and white colour way – which is already perfectly gorgeous by the way, if you ask me – and have thrown in some new colour combos to boot. Just check out this lovely lot!

Top Row: Cami Dress, 24.99, H&M‘Natalie’ Dress, £45, Joanie ClothingShirt Dress, £45, John LewisPleated Skirt, £29.99, H&M

Second Row: Midi Dress, £39.50, OasisBlouse, £30.40, OasisMidi Dress, £39.20, OasisToile Dress, £59, Oasis

Bottom Row: ‘Natalie’ Dress, £45, Joanie Clothing – Bardot Dress, £36, OasisSun Dress, £29.99, H&M – Maxi Dress, £34.99, H&M

You don’t understand how hard I’m having to restrain myself from buying them all and putting them away until after baby comes! Which is very silly and not recommended behaviour at all, I must add. Though, having recently bought that Joanie Clothing Natalie dress in a different print I can confirm it still fits over baby, so maybe just one little treat…?

Which one would you pick?



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