Outfit: Pregnancy Perfect Polka Dots

Primark Polka 2

Regular readers will all know how I love a tea dress. They are my wardrobe bread and butter. The item I reach for time and time again when I’m out of style inspiration. I love everything about a little printed dress. The way you can just throw it on and look as though you made an effort. The way they are weather appropriate all year round. The way you can dress them up with heels or dress them down with sneakers. Everything. As a result, there is a rather large number of them hanging in my wardrobe, but as some of them date back as far as the 80’s and all of them get worn on fairly regular rotation, I don’t feel too bad about that. Thing is though, my favourite style tends to have a fitted bodice, a cinched in waist and a cute flared skirt, which doesn’t really make them bump appropriate!

As you know, I’ve been trying my best not to fall foul of using my pregnancy as an excuse to splurge on lots of new outfits that I’ll only wear for a few months. My wardrobe is already bursting at the seams so that would just be silly and wasteful. Luckily I’ve been blessed with an easy time of it, body wise, and a lot of my frocks (not the retro 50’s style ones, sadly!) are still fitting me, so I can’t really complain, but I have been missing that wardrobe staple of mine. Enter, this Primark beauty!

Primark Polka 7

Primark Polka 6

Primark Polka 9

The moment I saw this little polka dot number I knew the shirred seam at the bust would make it the perfect shape to accommodate my expanding belly, and it didn’t disappoint! It’s been an absolute pleasure having something a little cuter and shorter to wear for the hot days – as much as I love my midis after a while I do feel a little on the frumpy side, especially now that I’m finding wearing heels for too long a bit of a no go. It really could not be more my style, and of course the best part is that it will be getting worn long after baby comes, whether that’s with sandals in Summer or with tights in the Winter!

The only shame really is that those hot sticky days where this style really comes into it’s own have been few and far between, meaning despite it’s pregnancy-perfect proportions it may actually end up being worn more post partum. Pull your finger out nature! You’ve got just over 6 weeks to give me a couple more opportunities!

Primark Polka 4



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7 thoughts on “Outfit: Pregnancy Perfect Polka Dots

  1. What a cute dress! I just found out that I’m pregnant a few days ago, so now I’m looking into all things pregnancy 💗 I’ll have to search for pieces like this that will give me room to grow!

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