Introducing Bailey…

Hi Everyone!

This is just a very quick post to let you know that a little ahead of schedule and much to our joy and surprise, our little one arrived at 4.18am on Tuesday weighing 6lbs 8oz! We are now the very proud parents of a little boy named Bailey, and we are just head over heels in love. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind but we are all doing very well and were blessed to be out of the hospital and home with our little one very quickly, where we have been existing in a beautiful little baby bubble ever since. I have soooooo much to tell you about it all, and will get back to regular updates as quickly as I can manage, but for now life is all about enjoying every moment of this amazing experience with my gorgeous new son and my amazing other half who has been just the most wonderful partner I could ever have hoped for!

I’ll update you all soon, but for now here he is! I know all Mums think their baby is the cutest, but honestly, I think he might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!




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12 thoughts on “Introducing Bailey…

  1. Awww congratulations Steph and Dan on your baby boy Bailey !! He is sooo cute ! I want to hold him !! He certainly wanted to meet you in person ahead of schedule , I cannot blame him really. You spend all the time you need with Bailey , and I will look forward to updates when you have time . Happy Friday Mum , I mean Steph !! Terri xo.

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