Outfit: Dressing Up the Bump

Pregnant Wedding 4

As you know, I have pretty much loved every moment of being pregnant. Sure, the first trimester was tough, and I’ve been tired, uncomfortable and feeling generally a touch crappy ever since, but over all it has been the most rewarding and lovely experience. I’ve even found, completely unexpectedly, that I’ve loved watching my body change and the way I look with a bump, which meant one of the parts I was dreading – maternity dressing – just hasn’t been the dull chore I was expecting it to be. I have been incredibly blessed that apart from the obvious protruding belly and a bigger bust (which I’m hardly going to complain about…) my body hasn’t changed all that dramatically, and as a result the majority of the clothes I’ve been wearing aren’t maternity wear – something I really, really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on!

One occasion though that is bound to strike fear into the heart of even the most confident pregnant dresser though cropped up this month – a Wedding! Weddings can be tough to dress for at the best of times, particularly when you’re a tight-ass like me who doesn’t want to shell out on a new outfit, but never does that become more of a challenge than when you’re carrying another human around in your belly! Occasion wear isn’t exactly known for it’s accommodating properties, is it? Especially not mine, which mostly consists of very big skirts with very cinched in waists! So what on earth was I going to wear??

Well, it took a while to work this out, but eventually I struck gold when I remembered this delightful cold shoulder number from Oasis, last seen here without the bump! This rather gorgeous frock is made out of very soft, stretchy, and forgiving jersey fabric, which not only allows plenty of room for my wriggly little offspring (and the rather delicious burrito feast we ate on the day, not to mention the mountains of cake and cheese…) but also clings just the right amount to all the right places, meaning I felt absolutely fantastic in it, and to boot, probably the most comfortable I’ve ever been at a Wedding (let’s not forget my Wedding attire faux pas of 2015… I’ve come a long way since then it seems!). But what about footwear?! We all know I am a major lover of heels, but expecting to be able to prance around in stilettos all day while carrying an extra stone of baby and amniotic fluid around is just a little ambitious methinks, especially since this shindig was happening in a field! So I did splash out on one new purchase – these rather sweet little espadrilles from Primark. I’ve been after a pair for a while anyway and I’m pleased to say I managed to dance the night away in them without resorting to the emergency flip flops waiting in the back of the car.

Pregnant Wedding 1

Pregnant Wedding 9

Pregnant Wedding 6


Well, till 11pm, anyway. I’m not an animal!



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