Reasons to be Cheerful – Light Nights


Not many people like Mondays, lets face it. Not those who work the classic 9 – 5 like me anyway. Who wants to go back to the confines and drudgery of office life after a couple of days of fun and freedom, after all? Not me. Particularly when the sky is grey and it’s snowing again. In March. Just after you’ve finally started to feel like Winter must finally be over. None of this makes for a particularly cheerful Steph. I am, however, making a concerted effort not to be a miserable cow this year, so with Mondays being the day most likely to tip me over the edge into Glumsville, I thought I’d try to turn them around and invent a device to help keep me looking on the bright side.

I’ve decided that Mondays will be ‘Happy Days’. Anything I write on a Monday quite simply has to be positive. It’s the new law according to Steph. No matter how tired I am, no matter how much it rains or how rude THE PUBLIC are to me, anything I write on a Monday will hereby be full of gleeful sentiment. Wish me luck!

Today’s silver lining comes in the form of a stroll through the park on my way home this evening. Those who stick around to see how this Blogging thing works out for me will come to know that there is nothing remarkable about a stroll through the park for me. I have a dog, and I live within a 10 minute walk of at least 4 of them. In fact, I probably spend as much time in the park as I do in my actual house, so to the untrained eye there is absolutely nothing special about me being in the park. Except it was special. Sooooo special. Because the time I happened to be walking through that park was 5.47pm precisely. And yet, it WAS NOT DARK!

During the Spring and Summer my journey to and from work begins and ends in this exact same way and I have come to rely on this little habit. I find that walking through the pretty scenery, listening to the birds singing (Question – do birds actually stop singing in the Winter? Because I feel like I was hearing that sound for the first time in years tonight!) and feeling the breeze on my face, really has a calming effect on me, and I really miss that when the Winter draws in. Somehow it helps me work through whatever noise is going on in my head and arrive at my destination ready to handle whatever is about to be thrown my way. I don’t handle this time of year too well as it is, so this was such welcome relief! It means Spring really is coming, and the days of endless gloom, where you only happen to see daylight if you manage to take a lunch break, are almost done for another year. Soon there will be sunshine! And beer gardens! And floaty dresses! And SHOES!! (Boots, you know I love you, but GOD I’ve missed wearing shoes!) And those little things, my friends, don’t half have the power to brighten my dullest days! Here’s to Summertime!


Keep Smiling!


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