Outfit Stalking Zooey Deschanel…


When you have a rare week off work, it’s vital that you use that time wisely. ‘Holiday Days’, for those of you who don’t know, exist in an altogether different dimension to the more common ‘Work Days’. A dimension where time passes three times faster and a week can whizz by without you even noticing (See Also: Lunch Breaks).

Being lucky enough to have one of those special weeks off last week, I decided to make sure I made every second count by filling those precious hours doing only the most important and worthy activities I could think of. Now, I could have done charity work, cleaned the house or, you know, booked a wedding venue, but I wanted to focus my attentions on a really worthwhile pursuit, so, of course, I actually opted to veg on the sofa for the best part of a day, eating crap, watching crap and Googling ‘stuff Zooey Deschanel wore in ‘New Girl’.

I’ve long since had a small (okay, kind of large) Girl Crush on Ms Deschanel. “Who doesn’t?”, I ask, with those big doe eyes and that gorgeous hair (I want that hair. Why is it always so damn perfect? I bet she doesn’t get ‘sweaty jogger’s’ fringe. Or ‘just got rained on on the way to the bus stop’ fringe. Or ‘nothing has actually happened, it just always looks this way, no matter what expensive styling products I use or how much time I spend blow drying my hair upside down’ fringe). But beyond the eyes, the hair, the permanently buoyant fringe, is the wardrobe. Oh, that wardrobe. The cute peter pan collars. The 60’s style shift dresses. The full skirts and sweater sets and oh-so-many pastel coloured coats.  All of it plucked, seemingly,  from my fantasies and buttoned up around a girl I wish I looked like. Zooey is basically me, but the me that only I see in my head when I’m outfit planning. Sadly she never materialises in the mirror in real life!

So, bearing in mind my (now rather creepy sounding) affection for the TV and Film star, you can imagine my glee when I stumbled across WWZDW.com (What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?), a website dedicated to sourcing the exact items worn by the lady herself! It seems another loyal Zooey fan has gone and done all the work for me! Using handy search categories such as seasons, occasion type, specific episode (for the more hardcore fan!) or popular tags (Polka dots, you say?! Is there anyone out there who DOESN’T need to see every polka dot she’s ever worn??) hours of fun can be had discovering where to buy Zooey’s red carpet frocks, ‘New Girl’ dresses or ‘500 Days of Summer’ outfits (which, funnily enough, was going to be my next Google search! Fun, informative AND a timesaver? What the Internet was invented for, surely?!) Sadly for me, the vast majority of her most beautiful pieces seem to come from the likes of J Crew or Kate Spade (hang on – isn’t Jess meant to be a teacher? Does she deal drugs on the side or something??), meaning few of them are likely to find their way into my closet any time soon, however they often publish some examples of similar, more affordable, options and have drawn my attention to the charming Brand, ModCloth, who stock oodles of girly, retro styles at far more Steph-friendly prices, and ship to the UK! Hurrah! Obviously due to timescales a lot of the exact items are no longer available, but certainly give you a starting point for your eBay favourite searches!

I shall let you peruse at your own leisure, and leave you with a few of my own Jessica Day inspired frocks. Now I’m off to Google ‘Stuff Taylor Swift Wore’. Wait, there’s also a WWTaylorW.com?? This might take a while….!

Art Spot Viscose Dress, £45, Oasis
Art Spot Viscose Dress, £45, Oasis
'Stripe It Lucky' Skirt, $44.99, ModCloth
‘Stripe It Lucky’ Skirt, $44.99, ModCloth
Navy Laser Cut Collar Top, £12, Dorothy Perkins
Navy Collar Top, £12, Dorothy Perkins
Hell Bunny 'Kim' Dress, now £36.99, Amazon
Hell Bunny ‘Kim’ Dress, now £36.99, Amazon
Emily & Fin 'Jessica' Dress, £65, Aspire Style
Emily & Fin ‘Jessica’ Dress, £65, Aspire Style
Louche 'Ivy' Cardigan, £35, Aspire Style
Louche ‘Ivy’ Cardigan, £35, Aspire Style

Happy Browsing!


2 thoughts on “Outfit Stalking Zooey Deschanel…

  1. Ah, I’m SO glad you decided to bite the bullet and start a blog – it looks fantastic! Also, I don’t even watch New Girl, but I just lost a huge chunk of my Tuesday evening to browsing that site and deciding I want to buy ALLTHETHINGS. So thanks for that, too 🙂


    1. Ah, thanks so much Amber! I’ve still got lots of playing around to do to get looking decent but it feels good to have a creative outlet again! I should have put a disclaimer on this post though, that site is dangerous! Like I need any more excuses to find ‘gaps’ in my frock collection!


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