Reason’s to be Cheerful – Spring in Bloom

This week’s instalment of ‘Happy Mondays’ is pretty much and extension of last weeks! As you already know, I was pretty excited to see actual daylight on my way home from work last week, and wrote a ridiculously over excited post all about it. You can imagine, then, the new height of excitement reached when I spotted these while walking the dog at the weekend….flowers 2

Yes, my friends, flowers. It doesn’t take much, does it? Some simple crocuses. In my defence, this was not merely a few simple crocuses, but a vast carpet of beautiful purple and lilac crocuses. My local park always plays host to a large number of the pretty little things come Spring, but this year they seem to have taken over! Not only that, but the sun shone. Glorious sunshine and blue skies for like, AN ENTIRE DAY! So Spring is no longer just on the way – it’s officially here folks, and I am seriously happy about it! The Pimms is so close I can almost taste it! (I might just go have one right now. I mean, what’s actually stopping me? Is there a law that says you can’t drink Pimms in March? Or Baileys in July? Why does it feel so wrong?)flowers 3 flowers

Of course a mere 12 hours after these photo’s were taken the heavens opened and normal, grey, rainy service resumed, but lets save that for another, less positive, non Monday!

Keep Smiling!


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