Payday Purchases – Prints, Pastels and the Perfect Trench

No matter how many times I tell myself “I really don’t need to buy any more clothes. There isn’t actually any room left in the wardrobe. Stop. JUST STOP IT!!”, pay day comes crawling round (and I mean crawling. I swear it gets longer every month) and somehow I’ve added another few items to the SIMPLY MUST BE OWNED list. I don’t actually need any of it of course, particularly not while trying to save for a wedding, but they seem to have inexplicably found their way into my sweaty palms regardless. Here’s what I’ve been wasting precious deposit money on this month….

Collectif ‘Marlene’ Trench Coat, now £22, eBay

I first spotted this beauty last week on the gorgeous Amber at Forever Amber, and it was lust at first sight – I literally clicked straight through to Collectif’s eBay store there and then! I then played a game of ‘add to basket, remove from basket, go and do something else for a while to take your mind off it, then go back and add to basket again’ and I’m a teeny bit ashamed to say, I actually worked out how many days before pay day I could hit buy without the money coming out of my account. Yes, I need to get out more. Anyway, I’ve been struggling to find a coat that I can wear with my beloved midi skirts and dresses, so I eagerly await it’s arrival due to it’s generous length. Bad news though – it also comes in pink, and if I love the green version as much as I think I will, the pink one might accidentally end up in my possession also since they’re down to the bargain price of £22….

trousers (2)
Cropped Printed Trousers, £12.99, H&M

print I popped into H&M to pick up a replacement pair of jeans and couldn’t resist leaving with these cute little cropped trousers. I seem to have a burgeoning printed trousers obsession as this is the 3rd pair I’ve bought recently. I love the perriwinkle blue shade of the print (one of SS15’s must have colours if your a trendsetter. Which we all know I’m not!) and they should see me all the way through to Autumn so I’m trying not to feel too guilty….

pantsFinally, Ollie had a couple of things to pick up in Primark (I didn’t go in with the intention to shop, I promise!) and I sneakily threw these into the basket. A few years back I was a little addicted to Elle Macpherson and La Perla and wouldn’t have thought of buying my undies from anyone else, but the a couple of years ago Primark hit the ball out of the park when it came to pretty underwear sets, and now every time I go in there I find it hard not to add to my slightly ridiculous collection. Averaging at around £10 for a matching set, I’m under no illusion that these will only last a year or so, but for the time being just looking at those sweet pastel shades is keeping a smile on my face!

In other news, I just reached an all time low publishing pictures of my pants on the Internet! Too far?!



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