Outfit: Simple Pleasures

lakeDespite the frequency with which I like to have a moan, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just Ollie, Bonnie and a long walk usually. Lots of other things make me happy of course (wine, shoes, retail therapy, copious amounts of cake… the list is pretty endless actually) but grabbing my two favourite people (okay, my favourite person and my dog, but to me she’s a person) and heading out for a stroll is probably my favourite thing in the world to do. Even more than eBay shopping, and that’s saying something.outfit (2)sunnies

I did worry before we got a dog that I’d find it hard to find the motivation to walk it all the time, particularly once I’d realised Ollie’s Beagle obsession wasn’t a passing phase. I can be pretty slovenly when I put my mind to it, and before Bonnie Saturdays didn’t tend to start until the afternoon, because it was only then that I’d have crawled out from underneath the fluffy blanket where I’d been binge watching Mad Men and change out of my pyjamas. Now, though, I genuinely look forward to our weekend routine. Last Saturday we had the added bonus of genuine sunshine – as in, it was actually WARM, so warm that for a prolonged period I went sans jacket – so after I’d managed to select a pair of shoes (come on guys, it was practically the first time I’d worn shoes since October, this was a hard decision. If it hadn’t been for Ollie I may well have been posting pictures of me traipsing through the park in a pair of pastel pink suede peep toes JUST BECAUSE I COULD. But it became apparent that he was very willing to leave me behind so I had to settle for some flats. Boring) we headed out into the day – and basically stayed out there as long as we possibly could.shadow

sunWhen I’m out breathing fresh air and playing with the pup not much else seems to matter. It suddenly becomes very easy to tune out all the nonsense that tends to be making a noise in my head the rest of the week (not voices or anything. Just normal, non-psychotic things. Honest). And hell, all that exercise will come in handy because we don’t seem able to avoid stopping off for build your own burgers en route – my excuse is that even Bonnie gets offered a drink by the waitress there. Hey, I like to surround myself with people who also address her as if she were human, it makes me feel better about my weirdness, ok?clouds

Here’s looking forward to more of this weather! (I probably just killed all hopes of the sun ever showing up again right there. Sorry.)

In this post – Nude flats, Steve Madden (similar)– Jeans, Primark – Vest, H&M (similar) – Cardigan, H&M (similar), Jacket – Choies, Sunglasses – Rayban

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