Saturday Shopping – Spring Florals with a Difference

florals“Florals? For Spring? Groudbreaking!” says Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, in her typically withering tone. True, there is nothing innovative about bringing out florals in March, the shops are chock full of them, as they always are this time of year. You can see why – if the rest of the dress-buying public is anything like me they’ll be more than fed up with being bundled up in winter clothes by now and ready for something floaty and feminine. One store stands out though when it comes to pretty petal prints, and for me that has to be Oasis. Come to think of it, you can get some pretty gorgeous flowery frocks there most of the year round, but when I popped in to have a nose through the new range this week I decided this latest drop might well be my favourite so far.

Ollie is not a fan of florals, it has to be said. Say ‘florals’ to Ollie and you can bet he has conjured up an image of his Grandma’s curtains. Many a time have I picked up what I thought to be a beautiful rose or blossom print only to see his nose wrinkle in distaste. I think even he would struggle not to be smitten with Oasis’ latest offerings though. You won’t find a sniff of wishy washy chintz here. If you think botanical is just too sickly sweet and girly for you, think again – these blooms are grown up and bold, in bright shades of teal, coral, fuchsia and cobalt blue. The perfect antidote to the Fifty Shades of Grey that is Autumn/Winter!

Sadly for me all my disposable income is going into the wedding fund right now (um, kinda….) so I won’t be buying anything right now (um, probably…), but for now I can dream. Or obsessively check eBay in the hopes someone bought some that didn’t fit! Below are the pieces I’d most like to own!

Wish me luck resisting, particularly now a sale has just started…!


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