Saturday Shopping – Vintage Style Frocks

When I’m having a tough time, shopping can become a bit of a coping mechanism. I know, not good, right? It’s a little cheaper than therapy though. Probably. Anyhow, the buzz you get from taking home a new and entirely frivolous purchase can be the perfect antidote to a dark mood (provided you can afford it of course, I’m willing to bet realising you’ve maxed out your credit card might bring you back down to earth with a thud!). Once, when I’d had a particularly bad day at work, I literally marched out of the office, stomped into Zara and made a beeline for a polka dot pencil dress I’d previously deemed ‘not needed’. I guess it’s my way of rewarding myself for surviving something rubbish.

As with the now beloved pencil dress, any old purchase won’t cut it. Buying a new pair of jeans or some tights for work just won’t do. It has to be something completely over the top and whimsical. Something that’s a special treat, just for you, and for me that means a dress, and if that dress happens to have a fifties vibe going on, even better (it usually means a pair of shoes too. You can’t wear a dress without a killer pair of shoes, am I right?)! Right now it’s a week before pay day, and now that we might actually be getting married this year I’m trying my best to be sensible, so no comfort shopping for me. Doesn’t stop me looking though, and there’s one place in particular that can fulfil all my emotional shopping needs.

If you live in the Midlands like me you might be lucky enough to have an Aspire store near you, if not, you can get your vintage fix at their website, Aspire stock all things retro, including some of my favourite brands like Hell Bunny, Lindy Bop, Closet and Emily & Fin, making it a haven in a storm for me when I’m having a bad day. Any one of these beauties would brighten up my week no end. Anyone fancy buying some of them for me? There is a sale on….

Top Row L-R: Chi Chi Anisha £59, Hell Bunny Birdy now £22.50, Closet Caitlin £59. Middle Row L-R: Emily & Fin Cynthia now £37.50, Emily & Fin Abigail £65, Hell Bunny Constance £59. Bottom Row L-R: Fever Athena now £22.50, Lindy Bop Audrey £49, Hell Bunny Mariam now £27.50



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