Venue Viewing & A Woodland Walk

blueskyfaceNot many people consider a midi dress and heels as countryside appropriate attire. I, of course, am different. See, lately I’ve been bemoaning the fact that there are sooo many dresses and sooo little time, so once the weekend rolls around I’ve been doing my best to wear something other than wellies, and going to view a potential wedding venue seemed like the perfect occasion to get some wear out of the prettier side of my wardrobe. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought wedding venue viewing seemed like an occasion worth dressing up for though – even Ollie, yes Ollie that lives in tracksuit bottoms, put on a shirt and shoes for this trip. It was bizarre – it was almost as if we felt the need for the event organiser to approve of us somehow, like there could be a danger she might deem us ‘not good enough’ to have our wedding there or something. I’m not sure I’d actually want to have my wedding somewhere like that, but still, better to be safe than sorry! (She wasn’t like that by the way. She was lovely!)

outfit1 bootsAnyway, the frock in question was a birthday gift from my sister and my current ‘favourite dress of all time’ for reasons I’m hoping are obvious. The dress itself is actually perfectly informal, and had I chosen to pair it with a pair of flats or simple wedges it would probably have been the ideal outfit for a stroll in the great outdoors, but never one to do something by halves, I decided to throw on my other ‘favourite things in the world’ my Dune ‘Stretchy’ Over the Knee boots, and thus became completely overdressed for the occasion. In fairness, any venue that proved too much for heels wouldn’t be the one for me (I might not know what I’m wearing on my feet just yet, but I know they’ll be SPECTACULAR. Probably more so than my dress, in fact!) so it was just as well we road tested the terrain. As it happened, although I drew a few sniggers from some passers by in their walking boots, I managed just fine thanks, but then that’s why I’m a heel wearing pro – don’t try this at home folks. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that a couple of other bits work out and we could be back there very soon, tying the knot! I don’t want to say too much in case it doesn’t happen, but it’s just what we’ve been looking for – beautiful outdoor scenery, a quirky, vintage style space and completely relaxed and low key! Here’s a couple of sneak previews….:

outfit2hedge bridge Next stop was to drop by my Brother’s to break the news that a 2015 wedding might actually be on the cards now, and we decided to take a walk in some local woodland with the dog and one of my adorable nieces (so adorable that later she told me I looked pregnant. The other one, not present at the time of the walk, told me, in all seriousness, that I was not very small at all. See? Just the cutest. In her defense I’d just asked if she could sneak me to America in her suitcase when she goes on her hols next week, and she’s probably right. I’d probably cost her a fair bit in excess baggage). Even I had to admit that the boots weren’t going to cut it this time, and after borrowing my Sister in Laws running shoes I looked ridiculous for completely opposite reasons. I really couldn’t have cared less though. Sunshine, a wedding on the horizon, and some of the people I loved most? Not even the looming dark cloud of Monday could take the shine off this day!

woods suntrees walks sunsetI



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