Reasons to be Cheerful – A Well Earned Break

daffsI’ve actually been working for most of this Bank Holiday, but when Monday rolled around and the much promised sun finally made an appearance we decided it was time to take a breather and head outside.

lake (2) heronIt’s funny how a bit of sunshine can lift your mood. The last couple of weeks have been the most stressful I’ve been through in quite a long time, and I’ve found it almost impossible to switch off, but today all that changed. I finally had a work-related weight lifted off my shoulders and for the first time in a while felt able to take some time out without feeling guilty. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – just a walk in the park and a pub lunch (although, the lunch was in a beer garden, which is a bit special, and not because we had the dog and were huddled under a heat lamp like usual) – but it felt like a holiday! The weather was warm, the daffodils and primroses were blooming and everyone seemed to be in that holiday mood that makes it hard not to feel cheerful. To top it off, I finally got to start wearing some of that ridiculously unseasonable stuff I’d bought in the Christmas sales! Remember when I said the other week that I’d acquired 3 new pairs of printed trousers? Well, I conveniently left out the part about the other 3 pairs of printed trousers I’d already bought from Oasis. Oops. At least I’m getting to wear them now. AND SANDALS! Just look at my feet, they were naked, NAKED I TELL YOU! I didn’t wear a coat either, for, like, THE WHOLE DAY!

floral trousers flipflops (2) bench bench 2 bagBonnie also had a good day. It started at 4am for her. Turns out I’d left the window open while Spring cleaning on Sunday (may I add, to get rid of the coffee smell that’s lingering because Bonnie thought it a good idea to knock the generous breakfast Ollie had gotten me – to sweeten getting up for work on the holidays – all over the carpet) and our neighbour’s cat, Marley, must have popped in for a visit and fallen asleep. She does this quite often, and we sometimes have a cheeky snuggle if Ollie is out. This time, though, Bonnie was actually in the bed with us. At first I couldn’t work out why Bonnie was growling, and it bloody freaked me out for a minute or two. Then just as I was hurriedly shaking Ollie awake to let him know a burglar or serial killer was obviously in the house, Marley nonchalantly strolled into the room. Then all hell broke loose. Don’t think Marley will be popping by unannounced again any time soon. Bonnie, on the other hand, seemed to think it was all mighty good fun because she didn’t much fancy going back to sleep after that. The day just got better from there, with plenty of mud puddles and unattended picnics to investigate. Speaking of mud puddles, just as I was smugly celebrating the fact that my toes were seeing the light of day (and being photographed – I really must smarten them up!) I ran through a field with Bonnie in tow and straight through what was basically a bog. My feet literally disappeared under the surface of the grass and emerged so covered in mud that I had to remove my sandals altogether and walk back to the car barefoot.  I don’t know where I thought all of the last few days rain had gone, but let that be a lesson to you – the Great British Summertime is never quite as it seems!

bons (2) walkies (2) peroni moiAnyway, today was just what I needed to blow the cobwebs away. I’m pretty sure doom and gloom will descend again tomorrow, but for now, while I’m sat here with a pile of Easter goodies and a snoozing pup on my lap, sipping the last of the weekend beers, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again.

Until tomorrow….

In this post: Trousers, Oasis ‘Caitlin’ – Cardigan, Dorothy Perkins – T-Shirt, Primark – Bag, Vintage (similar) – Sandals, New Look (similar) – Sunglasses, Ray-ban 

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