Saturday Shopping – Mellow Yellow

Happy Easter Everybody!

I don’t know what it is about Easter that brings to mind the colour yellow. Something about that pretty, pastel hue conjures up images of Easter eggs, fuzzy little chicks, cartoon bunnies and primroses. Oh, and that yummy yellow butter cream inside a Mini Egg Cake! Mmmmmmmm, Mini Egg Cakes…….! Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, yellow. So, for some reason, other than a couple of mustard items that I purchased because I’d bought a pair of mustard coloured shoes and therefore had to match them to EVERYTHING ELSE I owned, it isn’t a colour I actually wear very much. When I asked Ollie what colours he might like to see in the Wedding theme, the only one he came up with was yellow, so I think it’s way over due that I introduce some to my wardrobe!

This Easter we’re expecting some sunshine – as I peer through the crack in the curtains from my bedroom I can’t help but feel dubious, but if anything was likely to inspire some cheerful weather, it’s these sunny little pieces…..

Top Row L-R: Butter London Pimms Nail Lacquer, £12, Dorothy Perkins Yellow Pointed Flat Pumps, £12, Chi Chi London Scallop Lace Full Midi Dress, £62. Middle Row L-R: H&M Earrings, £6.99, Zara Open Jacket, £19.99H&M Floral Necklace, £7.99, Bottom Row L-R: Closet Beth Dress, Aspire, £49, Zara High Heeled Sandals with Bow, £59.99, Warehouse Mesh Insert Crepe Top, £22

Here’s wishing you a wonderful long weekend full of sunshine (and chocolate)


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