Wistful about Winter

winter4Girls, you know when you’ve just broken up with someone, someone that was really, really, wrong for you? Someone that was just really mean, and really didn’t treat you nicely, but you just couldn’t work out how to end it so it just dragged on and on and on and on….? And when you did finally break it off, for about a week you were really happy, and excited about meeting someone new and going out on the pull again? But then you have a fat, bad hair day, and you wonder if anyone else would actually be interested now, and maybe he wasn’t that bad after all? Like, when he made you a cup of tea that one time? That was nice. And when he went on a stag do in Amsterdam and didn’t cheat on you, even though he could have done if he’d wanted to? Maybe you were too hasty? Maybe you should give him a call, you know, just to see how he’s doing…..?

winter3That’s kinda how I feel about Winter. A month ago, all I wanted was peep toes and sun dresses and beer gardens. I still want those things (soooooooo much!) but now Spring has well and truly sprung and we’ve had a couple of sunny days under our belts I’m starting to feel a teeny bit sad about Winter passing by. Suddenly, when I leave for work and there is frost on the ground, I don’t feel grumpy about not being able to wear heels, I marvel at how pretty it looks, all twinkly in the early morning sun. When gust of wind blows past past and messes up my hair, it’s no longer ‘freezing’, it’s ‘fresh’. Instead of celebrating the fact that there are no more dark mornings, I’m lamenting that I no longer get to see the sunrise (I know I still could, but I’m just not willing to get out of bed that early). And that snow that I swore desperately I didn’t want? Now I’m like ‘WHERE THE FREAKING HELL WERE YOU, SNOW??’ I didn’t get to build a snowman! Or go sledging! Or watch Bonnie galavant gleefully in a fresh snow drift while Ollie and I have a snowball fight, just like in the video for ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’ (Yes, I mean the Backstreet Boys song. And no, me and Oliie have not actually ever done that).

winter2So far I’ve managed to wear a few (rather lovely) pairs of shoes, and it was great and all that, but suddenly I’m worried that I didn’t get to wear my Dune Stretchy Boots nearly enough. I don’t want to pack them away just yet. Especially when I’m out in the town and I see someone else wearing them! I’m going to have to start shaving my legs now I suppose, and painting my toenails, and exfoliating and stuff? Just when I was starting to discover dressy sweaters too. What am I supposed to do with those now??

winter1So long Winter, my friend. I suppose I can live for another few months without sipping mulled wine or wearing glitter and sequins for no reason whatsoever (Because I only ever do that at Christmas. Ahem) just go easy on me when the time comes, yeah? And no popping up all unexpected on my Wedding day!



P.S If anyone reminds me that I said this in October, I will deny all knowledge!

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