Reasons to be Cheerful – Bunking Off!

Don’t get me wrong, taking a break last Monday was really nice. It doesn’t really count though when it’s a Bank Holiday. I don’t want to sound like a petulant child, but it really isn’t the same if you have to share it with the everyone else. Real holidays only count when the majority of the world are busy slaving away at their desks while you slob around in your pyjamas till lunch then swan around nonchalantly, being smug about not being at work.

cake latte ice lolThis weekend I took a long weekend as I was visiting Devon to attend a friends wedding (at which I drank a lot and took next to no photos, so you are saved the boredom of me telling you what a wonderful day it was. It really was though. And yes, I cried a fair bit). Due to the fact I missed most of Easter my Boss ordered me to take off Friday and today too, so once I’d roused myself from a jolly good sleep we decided to spend the rest of the day doing….. well nothing special really, but doing it on a Monday while you’re supposed to be at work makes it all at once exciting. Suddenly eating cake in a coffee shop or eating ice creams in the park (do I do anything that doesn’t involve eating I’m now wondering??) don’t seem so mundane, they feel illicit, and I can’t help feeling a little bit naughty (also, a little bit like someone from work might spot me and tell me off, then drag me back to the office kicking and screaming. Not such a nice feeling, that one)

me purple pink shoes bagBonnie had a bit too much fun, I think. So much, that she really didn’t want to go home. When the time came to go back on the lead, Bonnie was busy playing with her new best friend, Random Poodle We Met That One Time, and decided she simply wasn’t budging. She did her best ‘dead dog’ impression and lay on her back so that if Ollie tried to walk any further, he had no choice but to drag her along behind him. Everyone else found this hugely amusing of course, they always do (this isn’t the first time Bonnie’s pulled the ‘dead dog’ trick out of the bag, oh no) I found it rather funny the first time too, but when you have places to go and things to do, it’s not so much. So, not only is having a dog like having a baby, it’s also a lot like having a two year old who throws tantrums in the middle of the supermarket when you won’t buy them any sweeties.

bonnie drag 2 bonnie drag 1 bonnie drag 3Oh well, can’t blame her, I have no wish to go back to reality myself!



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